Can we survive long distance?

Sure, you can! But it takes commitment, trust and communication. Can you and your partner commit exclusively to one another despite the distance between you? Someone local may come along and the ease and convenience which he offers may make it tempting to think, Well, my boyfriend is so far would he ever find out? Do you trust him to commit to you? If not, try to determine the issues that are fueling your doubts. If you find no real reason not to trust him, make up your mind to trust him and trust him! Communicate with each other. Emails and phone calls are lifelines in this situation and will serve as the means to tell him you love him, to fill him in on your day, to ask his advice, lean on his shoulder, ask him about his day, etc. If an issue arises between you, talk it out. Don't let unspoken thoughts and feelings come between you. By communicating, you're keeping your relationship fresh and open.