Can werewolves be killed

Updated: 9/15/2023
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If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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Q: Can werewolves be killed
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What race of werewolves supposedly killed Selene's parents?

Victor killed selene's parents not werewolves

Are werewolves killed by gold bullets?

No, werewolves can't be killed by gold bullets. It is actually SILVER bullets that kill them.

What do werewolves howl at?

Werewolves howl at a number of things for example: A full moon When it has killed To contact other werewolves

Did victor have a wife in underworld 3?

no his wife was human and she was killed by werewolves not lycans werewolves :)

In the movie Underworld what was the race of werewolves that killed Selene's parents?

Lycans, or werewolves as they are commonly known.

How are werewolves killed?

Werewolves are killed by being of course--as always and everyone--being severed across the neck--off with its head! Silver bullets? Hmm...

How can a werewolf be killed?

In stories about werewolves, if you shoot one with a sliver bullet it will die. Silver also hurts werewolves.

What vampire was killed by the werewolves in Twilight?

Laurent. In New moon.

Who was the vampire who died in new moon?

The Werewolves killed Laurent.

What was the race of werewolves called in underworld that killed Selena's parents?


What was the race of werewolves called that supposedly killed Selene's parents?


Where can you buy elfroot in dragon age if you sided with the werewolves?

if you killed the elves there is no where else to buy an unlimited supply but you can side with the werewolves without killing the elves by getting zathrian to talk with them and fighting him when he attacks the werewolves.