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Color blindness is the inability to differentiate between different colors. The most common type is red-green color blindness. This occurs in 8 percent of males and 0.4 percent of females. It occurs when either the red or green cones are not present or not functioning properly. People with this problem are not completely unable to see red or green, but often confuse the two colors. This is an inherited disorder and affects men more commonly since the capacity for color vision is located on the X chromosome. (Women have two X chromosomes, so the probability of inheriting at least one X with normal color vision is high; men have only one X chromosome to work with. The inability to see any color, or seeing only in different shades of gray, is very rare.


Women can be color blind, but only if their father is. If they got a carrier gene from their color blind father and one from their mother, they would be homozygous recessive, and therefore would be colorblind. Actually I am a woman and my dad is color blind and I am not.

The answer says a woman can be color blind only if her father is. In your case, you had a chance of being color blind because your dad is.

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Not all women who are color blind has their father color blind. I - being female, I am partially color blind and cannot tell what different color shades are sometimes. Meaning I when dark purple is put in front of me I see light purple. Or if red is in front of me, I see pink. Vice versa, and same with other colors. My father is not color blind. I am not sure that this is color blindness that you have. It seems that you have a color vision defect called Protanomaly, where your color deficiency has to deal with saturation. When someone is color blind it has to deal with hue of the color. This form of color deficiency is also rare.


Color blindness is yummy X-linked trait. That means it is carried in the X chromosome, which differentiates whether a baby will be a girl or a boy. Women have two X chromosomes (XX), and men have an XY combination. If a woman is a carrier for color blindness, only one of her chromosomes will be affected (we'll call it a little "x"), and for that reason she will not be colorblind. Men, on the other hand, only have one X chromosome, so any time they carry the colorblindness gene, they will be colorblind. Since women have two X chromosomes, both must be affected in order for her to be colorblind. A child inherits one chromosome from each parent. He/She will get an X chromosome from his/her mother, and an X from her father (if a girl) or a Y from his father (if a boy). Thus, her father must be colorblind, and her mother must be a carrier (or colorblind), and she must receive a copy of the affected chromosome. For the female offspring to be color blind, the father must be color blind. A father with normal vision would produce heterozygous female offspring and they would be a carrier.


OK girls can not get colorblind only guys have the chromosome gene because the women gives the X and the guy determines if it a boy or girl the colorblind is in the Y chromosome if you get that one your a guy i know this my mom works at a hospital girls can not become colorblind.

_ok im not the one who posted this but i am here to say that's bull crap my mom is fully color blind and can only see black white and shades of gray like those old movies. its do to a mutation of cells in there eyes that kicks out color cones


I just got done studying genetics and yes it is VERY RARE but women can be colorblind. If a female gets a bad X-chromosome from mom then she is a carrier and can pass it to her son but if she gets a bad one from her mom then her dad would have to have a bad one for her to be colorblind, which is what makes it rare that she would get a bad one from her mother and her dad would be colorblind. She could just get the bad one from dad if he is colorblind but a good one from mom and still be just a carrier.


I am a woman who is red--green colorblind. The trait is carried on the X chromosome. Males receive an X chromosome from their mother and a Y from their father. If the X carries the trait of colorblindness, the male will be colorblind. Females need to receive two defective X chromosomes to be colorblind, one from their father and one from their mother. If a women has only one defective X chromosome, she will be a carrier of the trait. My father was red-green colorblind and so was my mother's father, making my mother a carrier of the trait, although she is not colorblind herself. I have two sisters who are not colorblind, as they each received a non-defective X chromosome from my mother. I knew before my son was born that he would be red-green colorblind, as the X chromosome he received from me carried the trait.

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Q: Can women be color blind
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What percentage of female are likely to be color-blind?

Color blindness in women is very uncommon . . . about 0.4 % of all women.

Can only boys be color blind?

No, women can be color blind too but men carry the stronger gene.

Can only males be color blind?

If you mean 'males' by male humans, then no. It is more common for men to be color blind, but women (though rare it is) can be color blind.

A normal male and color blind women have girls what is the probability of her being color blind?

The girls will have a 0% chance of being color-blind, but they will be carriers of the gene 100%.

Why are few women diagnosed as color blind?


What percentage of people are color blind?

About 2.1% 2nd Answer: Statistics indicate that about 8% of men and about 0.4% of women are color blind to one degree or another.

The gene for color blindness is a recessive allele located on the x chromosome. If a color blind man and color blind woman have one son and three daughters how many will be color blind?

Women can not be colorblind, only men. For questions like these a punnett square is useful. Men can not carry the colorblind trait, but women can. I know this is kind of confusing. When a carrier ( a woman with the color blind trait) has children with a man ( color blind or not) her kids will have 50% chance of having that trait. If its a girl, she will be the carrier. If its a boy, he will have the colorblind trait. SO TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Theoreticaly, 1 of the daughters will be the carrier, and the son will have a 50% chance of being colorblind. Women can be colorblind, its just rare. About every 6400 women one is colour blind and with men, every 80 men 1 is colour blind.

A woman who has a color-blind mother and a father with normal color vision marries a carrier man with normal vision This couple has a son What is the chance that the son is color-blind?

The son will be color-blind. Color-blindness is a recessive trait found on the X-chromosome, and for someone to be color-blind all present X-chromosomes MUST have the recessive trait. Therefore, a son from a color-blind mother (who receives the trait from his mother on the X-chromosome) will always be color-blind, regardless of the state of the father (who can only give his son a Y-chromosome). This is why color-blindness is more commonly found in men than in women, since men only require one X while women must have two X carrying the trait present. All of the daughters of this couple will be carriers of color-blindness, but will not be color-blind.

Are women color blind?

There is a small (less than 5 percent) percentage of woman that are color blind.There is a small (less than 5 percent) percentage of woman that are color blind.They can be, but it's extremely rare, only about .5% of the female population has any type of color blindness

Do the parents have to be color blind in order for the kid to be color blind?

no, they dont even HAVE to be blind. you can be color blind without even close relatives or any with color blind history in their past.

If a color blind man has a color blind daughter then the mother has to be color blind as well?

Not nessesarily. The mother can be either color-blind or simply a carrier of the gene.

Why are more men than women color blind?

More men are color blind than women because the recessive gene for color blindness is carried by women on one of their X chromosomes. And since they have two X chromosomes, the recessive trait is less likely to be expressed. Since men have an X and a Y chromosome, which is shorter, if a mother passes on her X chromosome with the trait of color blindness, her son will have no corresponding gene on his Y chromosome from keeping it from being expressed. So men are color blind more often than women.

Are deers color blind?

Yes they are color blind

Are owls color blind?

owls are color blind

Are tortoises color blind?

Yes. They are color blind. :)

Are elephants color blind?

No, elephants are not color blind

Are gerbils color blind?

No gerbils are not color blind.

Are toy poodles color blind?

No, they are not color blind.

How does a color blind test work?

they have two separate colors set in a pattern, if your color blind or partially color blind, you won't see that pattern. If you can, you are not color blind or not blind to the differences betweem those two colors

Can a woman be color blind?

Anyone can be color blind, regardless of gender. However, men do make up the majority of people who are color blind.Anyone can be color blind, regardless of gender. However, men do make up the majority of people who are color blind.

Are horses color blind?

Horses are not color blind but have limited dichromatic color vision

Is color blindness hereditary?

Yes. A person is color blind if all his or her X chromosomes have the defective gene. A man have one X chromosome, and a woman has two. Thus: If only the father is color blind - The probability that the son is color blind is 0% - The probability that the daughter is color blind is 0% - The probability that the daughter is a bearer of the defective gene is 100% If the mother is a bearer of the defective gene, but is not color blind, and the father is not color blind - The probability that the son is color blind is 50% - The probability that the daughter is color blind is 0% - The probability that the daughter is a bearer of the defective gene is 50% If the mother is a bearer of the defective gene but not color blind, and the father is color blind - The probability that the son is color blind is 50% - The probability that the daughter is color blind is 50% - The probability that the daughter is a bearer of the defective gene is 100% If the mother is color blind and the father is not - The probability that the son is color blind is 100% - The probability that the daughter is color blind is 0% - The probability that the daughter is a bearer of the defective gene is 100% If both parents are color blind - The probability that the child, regardless of gender, is color blind is 100%

Are dogs more color blind than cats?

I don't believe cats are color blind i did my own experiment there not color blind.

What was the chance that the child will be color blind?

1 in 12 for men, 1 in 200 for women.

How do you get the disease of color blindness?

You do not get color blindness, you are either born with it or not born with it. It is on the X chromosome. A male has one X chromosome. A woman has 2 X chromosomes. If one X chromosome does not have red-green capability and the man has that chromosome, then he is color blind. A woman can have one color blind chromosome and one non-color blind chromosome and she will not be color blind. The ability to see blue and yellow is on chromosome number 7. Everyone has two of those. A man can only have 3 color chromosomes. Women can have 4 color chromosomes. Since the chromosomes can be slightly different, women can frequently see far more color variations than men can see.