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Workers should not pave in the rain. This will interfere with the chemistry of the pavement that is being set.

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How do you use the phrase to pave the way in a sentence?

Let knowledge pave the way to success in any field. The concrete workers will pave the way.

It takes nine days for eight workers to pave a stretch of road If each worker works at the same rate as each of the others how long will it take twelve workers to pave the same stretch of road?


What is slogan for deforestation?

Don't get much requests for deforestation, but since you asked.The Amazon Rain Forest: log it, burn it, pave it.If there are No trees- there is no breeze

How do you use pave in a sentence?

They use that machine to pave the streets.

What is the pave festival in animal crossing?

Pave is an animal that comes on Festival

How do you get pave on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Pave comes on festival. which is in march

Does pave have a long vowel sound?

yes pave does have a long vowel sound

How do you use the word pave in a sentence?

Let's pave this driveway and call it a day.

Are pave diamonds real?

Pave is the name of a setting, which can hold any gemstone. Rings that contain real diamonds may have some set in pave settings.

What is the taxonomic level of a pave afroparo?

There is no taxonomic level for the pave afroparo, as there is no such classified animal.

How much does a pave low cost?

a pave low costs 40 million dollars.

When was Pave Maijanen born?

Pave Maijanen was born on September 4, 1950, in Finland.

Is pave a type of diamond?

No it is not a diamond but it is a type of setting where accent diamonds are set closely together for a diamond-encrusted look. The setting can simply be a band with a pave setting or a single stone with a pave setting on the sides.

How do you unlock the pave low emblem in modern warfare 2?

Call in 50 Pave Lows.

What is the birth name of Pave Maijanen?

Pave Maijanen's birth name is Pekka Juhani Maijanen.

Does pave have a long or short vowel sound?

The word "pave" has a long A sound, to rhyme with gave and save.

Are pave diamonds made with inclusions?

Pave diamonds are not 'made'; pave diamonds are set. Diamonds are 'made' by Mother Nature deep within the earth's mantle under extreme high pressure and temperatures.. 'Pave diamonds' refers to the setting of the stones. Diamonds used in pave settings can be of any quality, so long as they are faceted. Most diamonds contain inclusions.

What are pave crystals?

In stone setting, when many stones are set very close together covering an entire area of the jewelry, this is known as a pave. The word pave comes from the French word for cobblestoned.

What is a non pave watch?

A non-pave watch is a watch that has diamonds on it, either on the face or bezel, as opposed to a pave watch that has diamonds closely set together in metal around the entire bezel.

What does pave the way mean?

To 'pave the way' to to clear the way, so something can be achieved without being obstructed.

What are rain boots used for besides rain?

Rain boots are also used in several ways to help protect the fee. Chemical workers use them to protect their feet from harmful chemicals, agriculture workers wear them in the fields to protect their feet from dung and mud and restaurant workers need a sturdy shoe that can handle the grease that comes along with working a kitchen line. The steel-toed work shoe evolved from rain boots and are used to protect the feet from falling objects.

Can you give me a sentence using the word PAVE?

The road building contract said the XYZ company got awarded to pave the new road.This new contract will pave the way for more business for XYZ company.

How do you unlock pave low title?

You have to call in 50 Pave lows in either a care package or as a kill streak reward

What is used to pave roads?


What is hardening of oil?

when they pave roads

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