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yes you can

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2014-04-09 21:17:36
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Q: Can you Customise your invizimal on invizimals the lost tribes?
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Who is the last boss in invizimals the lost tribes?

the last boss is cambell with some dark invizimals and you have to fight him with a normal tigershark and a dark tigershark only

How do you get a tigershark on invizimals the lost tribes?

beat the boss in bhutan and then go to thailand and beat kirtey

How do you capture elemental dragons in invizimals lost tribes?

you need to get the 12(i think)kenichi´s diary part and then you need a friend to make a cooperative hunt i wanted them but i can´t :(

When will invizimals lost tribes come out in the US?

they haven't announced it, yeah i got on here thinking there would be an answer, but no, judging on how shadowzone arrived i say its gonna arrive mid 2012 sry :/

When was The Lost Tribes - album - created?

The Lost Tribes - album - was created on 2006-03-15.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Lost Tribes - 2007?

The Lost Tribes - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Did they sell invizimals lost tribes in us?

No it was not released because of the upcoming ps vita which was not compatible. However it was released in Europe, the reason being US was getting ps vita a year or two before Europe. But you can still purchase it in english by ordering it online from UK etc.

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