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No, a home network is required to access your media files from your computer. Since you stream your files from your PC to your DVR, a network adapter is required for accessing your PC�s media files.

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Q: Can you access music and other media files with a DVR if you do not have a home network?
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How do you move music files from Ares ultra to your media player?

How do you move music files from ares ultra to your media player?

What is peer-to-peer file sharing?

Peer-to-peer sharing uses a peer-to-peer network. File sharing allows users to access media files such as books, music, movies, and games using special software to search for others connected to the network.

What are winamp media files?

Mp3s.. music

How do you add videos to an media player?

Same as adding music or media files

Can you access your music files from a different computer through iTunes?

Yes, you can. If you set your iTunes settings to allow your computer to share your files on a network (Wi-Fi or other), you can access your music files from a different computer. The other computer must also have iTunes and the ability to connect to other shared libraries in the area.

A student enables file sharing on a laptop so that a friend can access music files Which type of service is being configured?

A student enables file sharing on a laptop so that a friend can access music files peer to peer is the type of service that is being configured. File sharing is when you distribute or provide access to digital media.

Can I get something to share my music and video files over the network?

You need a media server if you want to spend the money.If you have an old computer you can just set it up to do the job.

Can you play your Xbox 360 through your PC?

No. You can, however, access your PC's media library (pics, music, and video) through a network connection from the Xbox 360.

How is the internet is used to search for graphics and media files?

You can use Backslap Music Search Engine to search for music and audio files. Backslap Music Search Engine

How do you acces files from an external hardrive on an iPad?

There is no App-store approve programs that access network hard drives. The easiest way to access photos, music and videos is to bring them into iTunes and then sync iTunes with your iPad.

How do you transfer music files from Media Player to iTunes?

the music files on Media Player are stored in your computer. if you can find the files, you can boot up iTunes and click on file>Import file/folder (if it's all in one folder this is easier) and then tell iTunes where the file/folder is.

How do you move music files from bittorrent to media player?

you have to go to settings, transfer audio tracks, to: media player. hope it helped :)

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