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You might want to talk to the credit consultant who is dealing with your car loan. Most times they will do it, but it matters who you are dealing with.

I am a co-signer and the primary is currently wishing to add 2 payments to the end of the loan. In the State of California, the primary and co-signer both have to sign an agreement to put the payments at the end of the loan. If you can get the payments put at the end, there is usally a fee and additional interest associated with this. The best thing is to ask your lender if this can be done and how.

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Q: Can you add a missed car payment to the end of the loan?
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What is it called when you skip a car payment and add to end of note?

When you asked for a missed payment to be added to the end of the loan, it's called a Forbearance.

If your father cosigned a car loan with you and you missed a payment does he have authority to take your car?

Well, if you are under 18, he can certainly take away your keys.

How can you lower loan payment for car?

You can lower your loan payment by refinancing your car loan. You can also negotiate with your current lender and see if he can reduce your payment amount.

How long does a loan company have to repossess your car in Maryland?

Legally, your car could be reposessed after one missed payment. The terms of your contract cover default. Most will not repo your car after just one missed payment, but they could. I would certainly suggest attempting to work something out with the bank.

If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

What is meant by car loan payment?

When an individual is purchasing a car it is usually acquired by getting a car loan. A car loan payment refers to the payments one makes to the loaning company or bank.

How can you get back on track with missed car loan payments?

Just make a payment. The missed payments will show on your credit report but that's not really bad if you don't miss any future payments.

Is there an example of a car loan payment calculation online?

Yes, there are examples of car loan payment calculators online. One online place to find a car loan payment calulator is Bank Rate. This will allow you to see you estimated monthly payments.

What if you co-sign for a daughters car loan?

Then you are responsible for the payment if she misses a payment.

Why a bank will repo a car?

Non-payment of loan.

Can you add a previous car loan into a new car loan?

No, it is not possible. Your previous loan must be completed to get a new car loan

If you are a cosigner for your son's car loan which is at the same bank where your account is is it legal for the bank to take his missed payment out of your account without any notice?

Yes. When a loan is held at the same bank where the borrower or cosigner have accounts the lending agreement will include a "set off" clause which allows them to legally remove the amount owed for the loan payment or in some cases of default the entire amount of the loan (or account). Actually, this is a favor. The missed payment will not affect your credit score. This puts the issue back in your court. If your son cannot pay for the car, then you may need to repossess the vehicle.

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