Can you add a missed car payment to the end of the loan?


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2015-07-15 21:41:49
2015-07-15 21:41:49

You might want to talk to the credit consultant who is dealing with your car loan. Most times they will do it, but it matters who you are dealing with.

I am a co-signer and the primary is currently wishing to add 2 payments to the end of the loan. In the State of California, the primary and co-signer both have to sign an agreement to put the payments at the end of the loan. If you can get the payments put at the end, there is usally a fee and additional interest associated with this. The best thing is to ask your lender if this can be done and how.


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When you asked for a missed payment to be added to the end of the loan, it's called a Forbearance.

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You can lower your loan payment by refinancing your car loan. You can also negotiate with your current lender and see if he can reduce your payment amount.

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Legally, your car could be reposessed after one missed payment. The terms of your contract cover default. Most will not repo your car after just one missed payment, but they could. I would certainly suggest attempting to work something out with the bank.

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If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

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