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Very hard to do. Video memory is USUALLY built into the mother board. You can add SYSTEM memory and this will help with the video. VidTec

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Q: Can you add a new video card to a laptop?
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Do you need a new graphics card to edit video on your laptop?

No, you do not

Can You Install A New Video Card Into Your laptop?

It depends on the computer model, it would require you to disassemble the laptop swap video cards then reassemble the laptop and this would be likely damage the computer. I too have looked into this.

My computer gives me an error message about my video card.?

Most laptops cannot have their video card upgraded. You would have to buy a new laptop in order to play this game. When you get that error message it means your laptop is not good enough.

Is it possible to replace the ati video card with 30mb memory in your thinkpad t42 with ati video card with 128 mb memory?

Its quite impossible. If it is, the card itself will probally be more than the actual laptop itself so you should just get new laptop if you want something better. Its quite impossible. If it is, the card itself will probally be more than the actual laptop itself so you should just get new laptop if you want something better.

What to do when you get locked out of your laptop?

you can add new user but can not unlocked laptop, reinstall the operating system and add new user

How do you hook a dell dimension 3000 computer up to a television with video input connedtion?

You need to add a PCI video card , not a PCI - express card . The video card will give you a new out put on back of tower. Then depending on tv and and video card connect with s- video cord or composite video cord ( rca). composite is first choice.

What value obatined when you install more video ram on video card?

Well first of all, you dont add video ram to a video card. The ram is soldiered onto the video card. In order to upgrade your video ram, you will have to replace the video card. Doing so will benefit you in any 3-d applications (games) you run. If you arent much of a gamer, you probably wont benefit at all, if you are a gamer, a new video card can breathe a whole new life into your old computer.

Is it possible to install graphics card in laptop?

No you cannot install a new graphics card into a laptop, however if you have a very thick laptop it's very risky but it can be done. A normal laptop however cannot, consider buying a new laptop.

How does one replace computer video cards?

You can change your video card by following these steps: choose a new video card that works with your computer. Then uninstall the old video card from you computer. Then take the new video card and stick it into your computer. Install the new drivers and you are done!

How much does it cost do buy a new video card and how much to get it put in a laptop?

You generally don't want to buy a video card and put it in a laptop, heat dissapation and power comsumption are to great hurdles to overcome besides being able to actually make it fit inside the case. Basically, you can't, sorry.

You have pixel and vertex shader 2.0 can these be upgraded to 3.0 or do you need a new video card?

You need a new video card.

How do you upgrade a video card?

You must buy a new video card and follow the instructions as to how to install it.

Is there any new technology for using an external gpu on a laptop that does not have a pci slot?

You can use USB video card, but it might even slower than PCI.

Can you change your nvidia geforce 310m video card on satellite a660 1dw with a better one if yes what is the best one out there?

No the video card is soldered onto the motherboard, you basically would have to buy another motherboard which means your basically buying a new laptop

Why is the display not working after a BSOD with irql less than or equal error for both the graphics card and the integrated card on motherboard?

Sounds like the integrated video card died. An integrated component can fail, just like an add-on card can. Don't dispair though, it doesn't mean you need to replace your motherboard. You can purchase an add-on card, you will need to know if you can use a PCI or AGP card. You can probably use a PCI card. Most motherboards will automatically disable the integrated video when you insert an add-on card. Be sure to ground yourself to the chassis by touching it before inserting any add-on card. A new display card will range in price, it can be more than a new motherboard, or can cost more.

What do you do when you have a new notebook which has a graphics card that does not have pixel shader what can you do?

buy a new laptop

Will a new laptop be good enough for upcoming online games?

A new laptop may be great for upcoming online games. However, you want to make sure you have an updated audio and video card. You also want to make sure there is enough ram on your computer.

When installing a new video card there are three phases What are they?

Configuring the BIOS for the video card being installed Physically installing the video card Installing drivers for the video card Remove old video card from your computer (if you use on-board skip this step) Attach the new video card to your computer. Start Computer using on-board video and install drivers. Attach monitor to new card, if it still doesn't work disable on-board video in your bios. If everything is installed properly and computer has significant power graphics card should work properly.

To travel with your new laptop do you have to have a special card to insert into the laptop to get online?

If there is free wi-fi and your laptop has an internal wi-fi card, then no. If you're connecting to a wireless hotspot provider such as T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T, then you will need the card from that company.

Can you use an old wireless internet card on a new laptop?

Yup! So long as the laptop can physically accommodate the card and you've got the drivers for the card and your operating system, the laptop should have no problem with it. You might not get optimal speed/performance by mixing old and new, but it should certainly work. Keep in mind, though, that just because the card works with your laptop is no guarantee that it will talk to your wireless router/access point...

How do I install a new sound card in my laptop?

You must first remove your current sound card, and depending on what type of laptop you have will determine where it is located, than insert the new sound card usually with the upper label facing up. From there you just install the necessary software provided with the sound card.

My present video card is Intel HD graphics 3000 mobile.Can I increase or change my video card for a HP Pavilion g4-1104dx?

If you have a different Pavilion g4 of the same generation, you can change the motherboard from 1 laptop to another. But that would NOT change you graphics card since they would both be Intel HD 3000. Thats a good card and can play some games pretty well. If you need better you are going to have to buy a new laptop such as an MSI gt683, gx660, gx640.

Any time I want to play the Sims 3 I get an error message saying your video card doesn't support Shader Model 2 what can I do without buying a new video card?

well it means your video card won't work with the sims 3, the only solution is to get a new video card that will support Shader Model 2.

What Graphics card would be the most compatible with your laptop?

I had a 6680 with my old laptop and currently have a 7680 with my new one and its quite nice.

Free downloads of shader model 1.1?

A Pixel Shader is not something that can be downloaded. It is a feature of the hardware on your video card. If your video card does not contain the hardware for this Pixel Shader, then you must purchase a new video card.