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Can you add a pc133 256mb ram card to pc3200 512mb ram?


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No, pc133 is SD ram and Pc3200 is DDR ram. They are not compatible with each other.

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normally i would say the 512mb but it depends on the price and quality

Well, you can just replace the graphics card with a 512mb card or a higher one.

There's something wrong with your 512 mb card, as in its damaged somehow. Its not the usb port if it recognizes the other card.

no worry dude , you play Resident Evil Revelation there graphics are 256mb . it is best game for playing

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You have 256mb there are no 258mb card but 256mb will do nicely

GeForce 8600GT 512MB has its own 512MB of Video Ram. Even if you computer had 256MB ram, Video card will work.

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Minimum: GeForce 7800 with 256MB and support for Pixel Shader 3.0, or AMD equivalent Recommended: GeForce 8800GT 512MB or AMD equivalent

Skyrim needs at least a 7600GT (512MB) to run. The 8400M GS is, at its highest, a 256MB card, and is not powerful enough to run Skyrim even on the lowest settings.

One quarter of a gigabyte, 256MB is 0.256GB.

No. I've burned up 512mb and one gb cards in the 750. The technology was only up to 256mb when that model came out.

No. Half of a gb is 512mb. You have a 1/2gb sd card and a 8gb sd card, so the 8gb is bigger

How old of an PC is it?Likely if it was made in 2001 - 1998 it's max ram ammount is 512 mb. Try taking the 128 out and leaving the 512 stick in there, Make sure that ram is compatible with that PC Likely PC133 in you're case, Good Luck.

There is no 4X AGP Graphics card that has 256MB but only 128MB that's called the Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4600

with a card reader and a computer.

2gb... gigabyte is larger than megabytes

hitman not play correctly in 3d analyze i play it bt still same problems.. use 256mb or 512mb ghraphics card for play it.... tc.bye

Approximately 70. Remember that on a 512MB card (or any card, for that matter), not all the space is usable, as some is used for formating.

I need to get a newer graphics card for gaming. My PC is a sony vaio PCV-RX644. Can anyone tell me if all graphics cards are compatible. I am looking at Nvidia mainly, maybe a 256mb or 512mb or are these too poweful ? Anyone suggest a specific one ?

It depends on how much money you have: for good (1280 x 1040 30fps) I recommend a card with 256MB, for better (1600x 30+fps) go with 512MB or higher. Faster and more GEs (geometry engines) will give you better performance. The best mix of hardware has 2GB+ main memory and 512+MB on video card.

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