Can you add a sink sprayer to any kitchen faucet?

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No, they have to have a place to attach it. The fitting is in the middle of the faucet underneath directly under the spout.You can also add on a hose sprayer to end of the faucet but you need a special fitting to do this. The fitting needs to be adapted with a quick release. A replacement sprayer with hose is then attached to this fitting along with the quick release. You then attached the whole unit to the end of the faucet. Neat part is that if you move you can take it with you.
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What would cause the water flow in a kitchen faucet not to come on and then come on all of a sudden and sometimes the sprayer works and sometimes it does not?

Answer . \nThe easy answer is sediment like lime or build-up. Unscrew the round part at the end of the faucet where the water comes out. There is a screen located in it. Check to make sure the screen is not blacked. If it is you can pick up a replacement from any home improvement store. As for th ( Full Answer )

What is the trick to removing a kitchen faucet sprayer retaining clip which looks like a flat C?

Use a butter knife to pry it off. Insert the blade of the knife between the clip and the plastic below it and then use a gentle upward prying motion, kind of like using a bottle opener. Use the side, not the tip of the blade. push it to the side where the opening will slide out. I don't get that ans ( Full Answer )

Why do your kitchen sink faucets make noise when hot or cold water is turned on?

by Faucetman886 . Maybe it's the cold weather or the fact that so many people are out of work and have time on their hands to listen for it but it seems this weeks discussion forums are full of questions about plumbing noises, most specifically water hammer. Water hammer is that thunking, clunki ( Full Answer )

How do you replace kitchen faucet sprayer?

The end of the sprayer where the hose comes into it unscrews. The sprayer comes off and at the end of the hose there should be a metal C clip holding 2 washers on the end of the hose. Just remove the clip and washers and install the new one.

When you turn on kitchen faucet no water comes out but the sprayer works?

Most faucets have a ring located at the spigot outlet. This ring can be unscrewed and contains a small screen. Over time build up from various in the water will coat and clog this small screen creating the necessity to remove and clean or even repace it. If this does not work and the facucet is old ( Full Answer )

Why is the kitchen faucet slow to heat?

It depends on a number of factors. If your kitchen faucet is faraway from the water heater, if the diameter of the pipe is toowide, if the flow rate is too slow, or if the cold pipes pull toomuch heat out of the water it will take longer to heat.

My kitchen sink faucet won't dispense hot water and the vaule is on?

Try removing the faucet aerator. If this still doesn't solve the problem check under the kitchen sink for kinked or bent pipes. Straighten them out. Doing both these things solved it for me.. Now all I need to do is find an aerator that feeds more gpm so the hot water heater comes on and the wat ( Full Answer )

Cost for kitchen faucet replacement?

$150 -$175 per hr for a licensed plumber plus parts Many morons hire someone who claims to be a "plumber" or an electrican or a doctor without having any formal training or a license for the profession. A legitimate plumber will have either a journeyman's card and they work for a master or the ( Full Answer )

What is kitchen-sinking?

Kitchen-sinking is when combatants throw accusations at each other that have little to do with the disagreement at hand.

What do you do when your kitchen faucet keeps driping?

Depending on the type, you change the washers or the cups in it. If it is a single handle or a two handle that the handles only 1/4 turn, they use the cups. If you have two handles that screw completely around it has washers. Turn the water off, take off the handle, remove the stem that the handle w ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of the drain thingy that is covered with a chrome vented thingy that is on your kitchen sink where you would rather have a sprayer and how do you change it out?

It sounds like the item you are describing is an Air Gap Fitting for the dishwasher. It is used to prevent sewage/dirty water from entering the dishwasher from the sink drain. Some Plumbing Codes require it to be installed. You can get kitchen sinks with multiple holes to allow you to install a sp ( Full Answer )

You replaced a dish washer Shortly afterwards the kitchen sink faucet began to continue to run a few seconds after shutting it off There is a white sediment in the water Any solutions?

Your kitchen faucet is getting bad, the water line that runs to the dishwasher from the branch under the sink has nothing to do with the faucet. the only way the faucet would run is because the gaskets or seats are getting bad. The dishwasher will not affect any water in the house,water goes in ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a kitchen faucet in Arizona?

Anyplace that has any plumbing supplies at all. A kitchen faucet is one of the most likely things anyone will carry. Wal-mart or any similar place will have one or any hardware store.

Can you spray paint a kitchen faucet?

You can, but it will not last because it takes heavy wear. If it has seen better days it is cheap and easy to replace, if it is the colour, your favourite hardware chain will have that too. Far less time consuming too, spray-painting a faucet is a bit like cracking nuts with a jack hammer.

Can you disconnect the sprayer and still use the faucet?

If the sprayer hose screws onto the faucet, you can get a cap for that fitting. If it pushes into the faucet, I do not believe there is any plug available for that type. You have to have something on the hose fitting or water will come out when you turn the faucet on.

How do you replace a delta kitchen faucet?

Replacing any kitchen faucet can be easy or extremely difficult depending on how old your old faucet is and what kind of K sink you have. If you look under your k sink and see chrome supply lines to your faucet then you are better off replacing those as well, and in many cases I usually replace the ( Full Answer )

How to dismantle a kitchen faucet sprayer?

On most sprayer heads, where the hose goes in unscrews. The first 3/4 inch or so. That lets the head come off and on the end of the hose there should be a C clip on the hose that the end that unscrewed rests against. Slide the C clip off to remove the end piece and install a new sprayer head.

How do you connect hand sprayer to bath faucet?

You need a special adaptor to link the two. This is an insert, threaded at one end to fit where the faucet aerator fits (you remove the aerator) and at the other end a pipe thread to fit a shower hose. These are commonly available in most plumbing stores and there are 2-3 variations. -Take your aera ( Full Answer )

Why do your kitchen sink faucets accumulate white residue?

White residue on faucets and shower heads most likely are from the hard water mineral deposits that your water contains. Sometimes, the residue is from cleaning products, but most often not. To help reduce white residue and hard water stains, a salt type water softener is recommended.

What is a kitchen faucet?

A faucet is the metal thing where the water comes out. The faucet is usually mounted on top of the kitchen sink, near the back wall. It most commonly either has a handle for opening and closing the vent and selecting the water temperature, or two wheels, one each side of the faucet -one for cold ( Full Answer )

How do you increase pressure at kitchen faucet?

You can not increase pressure at only one faucet. Whole house pressure must be increased at the PRV. If you don't have enough at only the kitchen faucet a cheap way to fix is fit new aerator, or even a whole new kitchen faucet.

Where can faucets for a kitchen sink be purchased?

There are many places where one can purchase a faucet for a kitchen sink. One of the popular home improvement businesses to purchase a kitchen faucet would be Lowes, they offer personal one on one help with getting the right faucet for the house.

What happens when your kitchen faucet is pulled out?

What happens after one pulls out their kitchen sink depends on what one did or didn't do prior to pulling out their kitchen sink. Not turning off the water supply to the sink prior to removal would likely lead to water being sprayed everywhere. Turning the water supply off, but not turning on the ta ( Full Answer )

Where could one find out how to install a faucet in a kitchen sink?

One can find out how to install a faucet in a kitchen sink by going to the DIYNetwork website. There is a "How to install a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet" tutorial by master plumber, Ed Del Grande, explaining the basic steps involved in replacing a kitchen faucet and provides some tips to make the jo ( Full Answer )

What are kitchen sink faucets made of?

Kitchen sink faucets can be made of a variety of materials. Some are brass, zinc, copper, lead, tin, plastic, or marble. Many are a combination of the above materials.