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It depends on how much more memory you need and how much you're willing to pay for the convenience of a larger card. You might consider either replacing your memory card with one with greater capacity, or purchasing a MicroDrive. A MicroDrive is a mini hard drive that offers up to 4 GB of storage space. While the additional storage space is appealing, they are often slow and fragile, meaning a drop on the sidewalk could cause significant damage and loss of data.

One disadvantage of large memory cards or mini-hard drives is that all your pictures are stored in one place. If the card or drive is lost or destroyed, you lose a very large number of pictures. This could mean losing all the pictures from your vacation.

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Q: Can you add more memory to your memory card?
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No, you can't.

What are the steps to add things to your memory card?

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Is it possible to add more memory onto an sd card?

N as they come with the memory already sized, you would have to purchase a larger memory card.

How can you add extra memory for a PS3?

memory card what kinda memory card where can I puchas one

Does a SanDisk Memory Card work on a Kodak Camera?

please add more detail on type of memory card and type of Kodak camera It will probably work

Does icloud give your iphone more GB's?

No - the only way to increase your phone's memory - is to add a memory card (if the handset supports them).

Which is more memory MB or gb?

GB is more memory, a 512 MB memory card holds just over half that of a 1 GB memory card. A 16 GB memory card holds more than 30 times the memory of a 512 MB card.

Can you get a memory stick for a sony Ericsson t3o3?

no sadly it's memory is got only 8 mb and u can't put a memory card in it to add more memory into ur phone

Can i add memory to my NVIDIA GeForce 7100 NVIDIA nForce 630i?

You have mentioned both a graphics card and a motherboard there. You can add memory to the motherboard in the form of RAM sticks, but you cannot add memory to the graphics card. You can "trick" the computer into thinking it has more memory by allotting space oh the hard disk to be used for graphics memory but this will decrease performance as the hard disk is much slower and is generally not reccomended

What memory card reader is powered by USB?

IOGear and Kingston offer memory card readers that are powered by USB. You can also purchase memory card readers as a piece of hardware to add to your desktop.

How do you add your account in your playstation vita?

You can add 1 account per memory card

Which memory card has more memory space for PS2 8MB or 16KB?

The 8MB memory card. 8Mb= 8192Kb

Can I have more then one memory card reader?

You can have more than one memory card reader but its not recommended. If you have more than one memory card type then a good option would be to buy a reader that supports several memory cards all in one machine. This way no matter what memory card you have it will work .

What is the difference between not having a memory card and having a memory card in your phone?

With a memory card you have a larger amount of memory on your phone. However much is on the memory card. So more space to hold pics and etc.

how much memory is in a nokia phone?

It depends on the type of nokia phone that you have. Most nokia phones has a microSD card slot so you can add more memory to your phone.

What to do when sim memory full?

You have to delete stuff before you can add to the card again. Or get a new card.

Can you get more memory on a dsi?

You need an SD memory card.

How do you increase the memory in a memory card?

Memory cards have fixed sizes of memory, so you can't increase it in that sense, like change a 2GB card into a 4GB card. You can make more of the memory available by deleting existing files or making copies of them elsewhere so you can free up a card. If you need more actual memory, you just have to get another card.

How do you get to the i phone memory card?

You cannot add a memory card to an IPhone. The builtin memory has to be used. If you do not find the 16 gb adequate go for 32 or 64 gb phone.

Which has more space a 1GB memory card or a 512MB memory card?

1GB memory card has more space. The capacity of the memory cards are various, such as, 16MB 32MB. There are lots of memory cards on this website: You can have a look.

Do you choose memory card 8GB or memory card 16GB?

16gb because its only 10 pounds more and its double the memory.

How do you get more points on the GameCube memory card?

You can delete blocks in use or buy a new memory card.

Which memory card holds the most information?

The higher the gigabyte capacity, the more the memory card can hold.

How to Allocate more memory to phone from memory card?

It's not possible.

How do you download more games onto your DS memory card?

It is impossible to do the following. They design the memory card to have just enough data. So you would have to work at a memory card factory to make it have more data that can be downloaded.