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Yes you can add shock solution to your swimming pool after or at the same time as a clarifyer. You should not swim in your pool for at 4 hours after shocking it.

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2013-07-12 22:02:14
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Q: Can you add shock to a pool right after putting in clarifyer?
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Can you harm a pool by putting too much shock in it?

No it will just wear its self out after a while

How often should you shock your pool under normal conditions?

You don't have to shock your pool at all if everything is working all right.

Do you shock your pool right after you fill it for the first time?

A person should shock their pool right after they fill it up for the first time. This will cut down on bacteria growth that often occurs in un-chlorinated pool water.

Do you shock a pool or backwash pool first?

Backwash first then shock. If you shock and then backwash you will be throwing away the shock you just put.

What do you shock a pool with?

Go to your local pool/spa store and they should have Alkaline shock

How do you get soap out of your pool?

To get soap out of your pool, shock it.

What are the instructions to shock a pool?

3800 gals of pool water shock it with 1 gal bleach

Why does your pool water shock you when you put your hand in?

due to presence of electricity. more precisely stray voltage from a nearby source could be the light. stop putting your hand in the pool and call an electrician new: I might add, a qualified swimming pool electrician or a pool tech. PLEASE, RIGHT NOW , TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKER TO THE LIGHT !!!! K

Do you have to dissolve shock before putting in pool?

no. you have to know the the volume of your pool, and the recommend dosage. ------------------------------------------------- this guy is halfway right. no, if it's regular calcium hypochlorite AND if it's less than 3 lbs, OR if it's labeled "quick-dissolve". yes, if it's more than 3 lbs.

Can you over shock a pool?


Is pool shock the same as chlorine?

There is chlorine shock and non chlorine shock. Fo chlorine shock, which is the normal shock, it is the same a s Chlorine but unstabilized, so it will not last in the pool very long.

Do you remove your pool sweeper when you shock the pool?

You do not need to remove it.

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