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There are some banks that will aloow this but generally no. Most banks will run all signers on an account and will not allow you to be added to an account if you have been reported to chexsystems, There are some banks that do not use chexsystems at all and others that offer second chance checking.

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Q: Can you add your fiance to your checking account even though he is on the ChexSystems?
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Where can you get a savings and checking account if you are listed on Chexsystems?

It really depends on where you live as to what your options are. There are nation-wide banks that can help as well. Try Chase - they let me get an account online even though I had on my ChexSystems a "fraud suspicion" from BoA. I have also heard that if you try for a joint account on Wells Fargo's website that you have a pretty good chance of being allowed an account.

You already have an account with us bank even though you are in chexsystems you want to use a new bank none will take you Does'nt your active account prove anything?


If you have a joint checking account with someone and their name showed up on Chex Systems for abuse of account can the banks close the account even though the abuse was before the account was set up?

yes they can. Many banks run random checks with chexsystems and they will close accounts if the account holder has a negative report

Can you start a joint checking account without being married?

Yes, you can open an account with anyone you choose to. Just be careful though! Who ever is the primary on the account (the person listed first on all of the paperwork) will be held responsible if the other joint holder overdrafts the account, and this primary account holder can also be put onto chexsystems do to the joint owner's actions.

What bank will allow you to open an account even though you are in the Chex System?

AnswerThere are many banks that will open accounts for those in chexsystems. Your options really depend on the state in which you liveBetter Answerpeoplescashsolutions dot com (Peoples Bank in Paris, TX). This bank will give you a 2nd chance even with having bad credit and being on Chexsystems at the same time.Peoples Cash Solutions will not open an account for those that have "fraud" listed on their chexsystems report, however, "account abuse" is not an issue.

Would any banks open a checking account even though you are on chex systems but the money was paid?

In some states,Wal-mart offers accounts to persons with less than good credit 9even those who have been placed in the Chex system), for as an opening deposit as small as $50. US Bank also offers a "second chance checking" - they acknowledge that you have a mark on chexsystems, but allow you to open an account with them (with certain restrictions)

Are there banks in NJ that do not use chexsystems?

Unfortunately, there are only a couple. There are other banks though that provide account nationwide so that might help... I've listed links to the lists below.

Is Chexsystems subject to the Fair Credit Reprorting Act rules as other credit reporting agencies?

Yes. Even though Chexsystems focuses on providing one's historical checking and savings activities to commercial banks and credit unions, in 1999 the organization was categorized by the government as a credit reporting agency. Accordingly, they are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Does poor credit affect getting a checking account?

Not usually. Unless it includes NSF charges. It may affect the terms and charges though, for period of time. Actually, I was turned down for a checking account at Bank of America because my credit was poor, so that is not true. It can effect you getting a checking account. It just depends where. I have to go to a credit union to get an account.

What banks will approve you even though your in chexsystems in Indianapolis IN?

There are many banks that do not use chexsystems and some that will make exceptions. related question for more information

Why are you in check systems?

A person can be reported to ChexSystems for several reasons including:Maintaining a negative balance for 60 daysMisusing their accountFraudNSF feesOnce reported, your records stay on ChexSytems for up to 7 years and it becomes extremely difficult to open accounts at major banks.SolutionsThe obvious solution is not to be reported in the first place, by maintaining a positive balance and not misusing your bank accounts. If you have already been reported to ChexSystems / Check Systems (ChexSystems is the correct spelling, though it is confusing for some), you have a few options:Open 2nd chance checking accounts with non-major banksOpen accounts with banks that do not use ChexSystems (very few)Use the ChexSystems Removal Kit by IDTheft Pros and remove the reported information.

What is the interest rate for Suntrust online checking accounts?

I checked the Suntrust site and couldn't find an "online checking account". Suntrust offers a nice discount on loans in other products to its checking account holders though. compiles data involving the major banks and thier interest rates.

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