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No, as this is called double jepordy. If one company finds out about the other, you are likely to be canceled.

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Q: Can you apply for the other insurance plan while having the benefits of existing insurance?
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Where do Canadians apply for Employment Insurance benefits?

If you've been layed off recently, you can apply for Employment Insurance benefits. To apply you must go online, or go to Service Canada in person at your nearest Service Canada Center.

Can you transfer car insurance companies and cars?

You can apply for Car insurance with a new company, But you can't transfer your existing policy to another company

What are the benefits of guild insurance?

Benefits of guild insurance include good coverage. It's so extraordinarily awesome. Everyone should apply, as it provides amazing coverage that will help you a lot in life.

How do you file disability?

Go to the SSA gov website and choose DISABILITY at the top in the middle of the page Social Security Disability Insurance Program Apply for disability benefits Apply Online for Disability Benefits

Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?

Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

Insurance policy life cycle?

What about it? Apply Issued Pay premiums Die death benefits paid.

Will Golden Rule take individuals with pre-existing conditions?

Yes. I have Golden Rule and I have a pre-existing condition (osteoarthritis). They may, however, exclude the pre-existing condition from coverage. You'd have to apply to find out for sure. The good news is, having been rejected by a company because of your pre-existing condition qualifies you to participate in some state run insurance programs.

Is prostate cancer considered a preexisting condition?

If you have prostate cancer and you then apply for health insurance, it would be a pre-existing condition. Pre existing meaning that you have it prior to some other action.

If you are covered under your spouses insurance and get a job that provides insurance with no lapse in coverage is any medical condition you have considered pre-existing?

No, most states require that pre-existing conditions be waived when moving from a group policy to a group policy. Pre-existing condition clauses apply when the break in coverage is greater than 63 days.

Can anyone get Humana medical insurance?

Anyone can get Humana medical insurance as long as they apply for it. There are different deals and benefits for Humana, so you will have to discuss with them what exactly you will need.

Can you receive disability benefits if you are 62?

The question is: are you currently working and looking for disability insurance, or are you disabled and looking to apply for benefits? - If you are working and NOT disabled, looking for disability insurance benefits, an experienced agent can help you find an insurance carrier to offer DI at age 62. There are only a couple of companies that offer DI at age 62, majority will stop offering at age 59 or 60. - If you are currently disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits in your state. Good luck!

Who offers Errors & Omissions insurance to insurance agents?

at, not only can you apply for insurance, but they can also give you an estimate for the rates of coverage. They give you 5 competetive quotes so you can choose the insurance plan that best benefits your needs.

How does one apply for unemployment?

One can apply for unemployment benefits through one's 'State Unemployment Insurance Office'. One will need to bring all the relevant documents that the deciding officer will need to view to determine if one is eligible for benefits or not.

Is having health insurance important?

Having health insurance is very important. It provides a back up plan for those who cannot pay for their medical treatments or surgery. More people should apply for health insurance to help others.

Where can one obtain a certificate of liability insurance?

The Certificate of liability insurance refers to a paper that summarizes the benefits of an insured party's insurance policy. In order to get or obtain a certificate of liability insurance one can apply online on TechInsurance or through their local insurance company.

Coordination of Benefits individual and group?

According to my colleague in United States, COB is a Group Insurance provision and does not apply to individual business.

What are some of the benefits of non owned auto insurance?

The benefits of non owned auto insurance apply primarily to people who want to drive a vehicle sometimes but do not want to own a vehicle. Coverage will still be given to drivers even if they don't own the vehicle.

Where can one apply for seniors insurance?

You can apply for seniors insurance at various different companies online. These include but are not limited to Saga Insurance and Staysure Insurance.

Who can apply for HMO insurance?

Anyone who can afford the payments can apply for HMO insurance. Many people can apply for HMO insurance through their employer. People can even get HMO insurance themselves and be self-insured.

Where can students apply for car insurance in Calgary?

There are a few insurance companies that allow students to apply for car insurance in Calgary. One can apply online with 'Kanetix', 'Alberta Motor Association' and '1 Up Insurance'.

Why is it incredibly hard to find health medical insurance?

Health medical insurance can be difficult to obtain if the applicant is not in good health or has pre-existing conditions. The Affordable Care Act, which is set to debut in 2014, is designed to help this problem by requiring insurance companies to cover all those who apply and offer equal rates to applicants regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Which pet insurance covers cancer?

As long as it isn't pre-existing, then I think pet insurance companies do cover cancer.

What questions will the insurance agent ask you when you apply for health or life insurance from direct insurance?

You become an investment when purchasing health or life insurance. Agents often ask if you smoke, drink or have any pre-existing medical conditions as well as what type of work you do at your job and what type of activities/hobbies are you involved in.

How do you collect unemployment insurance and Social Security benefits at the same time in New York?

Apply at each of the respective office. If you qualify, you can receive them both.

Can I apply for unemployment benefits online in the state of Idaho?

Yes, you can go to to apply for those benefits.