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Can you transfer car insurance companies and cars?

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You can apply for Car insurance with a new company, But you can't transfer your existing policy to another company

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Do insurance companies offer antique car insurance?

Insurance companies do offer coverage for antique cars. There are also insurance companies that are specialized in insuring antique cars.

Who insureds car rental companies?

Car rental companies get their car insurance from the distributors or dealerships where they have acquired their cars.

Where can one find cheap insurance deals for cars?

Cheap insurance deals for cars can be found from companies such as GEICO and Esurance. These companies also offer comparisons to other car insurance dealers.

What states has car insurance for rental cars?

You can buy insurance from any rental car company in every state. Car insurance companies do not sell special insurance just for rental cars but most policies cover you when you are driving a rental car.

Do insurance companies pay for wrecked cars?

It can be said that insurance companies pay for cars after a wreck as long as you are fully insured. But when a person does get money from the insurance company it doesn't mean that they are buying it from you. The car will have to be taken to a car junk yard and you can sell it to them.

Can you transfer insurance to rental car?

Some auto insurance policies transfer to rental cars, and some do not. You need to ask your insurance agent about the details of your insurance policy, and the specifics of coverage while you are driving a rental car.

What companies will insure classic cars?

No, you can get regular insurance and you will be fine. You will be able to get full insurance and your classic car.

Which companies offer classic car insurance?

Most car insurance companies have a type of insurance for classic cars such as Progressive, Geico, SafeCo Insurance, and State Farm. American Collectors Insurance provides insurance for car collectors and cover everything from accidental breakage to earthquakes.

Where online could one purchase cheap car insurance from a company that specializes just in cars?

A person can purchase inexpensive car insurance from a company that specializes in cars only from a few different companies. Some of these companies include Safe Auto and Cars Direct.

Where can one find car insurance for Japanese imports?

Many insurance companies offer car insurance for Japanese imported cars. Some of these companies include Allstate, Keith Michaels as well as Belair Direct.

Will the regular car insurance cover the eco cars as well?

"Yes, most regular car insurance companies can also provide coverage for eco friendly cars. Rates will vary from person to person. There are also companies that provide nothing but coverage for eco friendly cars."

How many car insurance companies have good ratings?

There are many car insurance companies that have good ratings as all of the companies can either specialize in certain cars or offer specific discounts for certain brands or models. There are hundreds of companies with good reviews.

What are the most popular collector car insurance companies?

There are many great collector car insurance companies. The most popular collector car insurance companies are Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, Grundy Insurance, and Chubb Collector Car Insurance.

Does liability car insurance generally cover rental cars?

It depends on your insurance. Most insurance companies cover any car you are driving. If it doesn't, the rental agency will be able to help you.

Which insurance companies offer collector car insurance quotes?

They all offer collector car insurance. I would start with your current insurance company and see what they offer as you can sometimes get a discount for multiple cars.

Do car rental companies need drivers to transfer cars?

Rental car companies have in house drivers to move cars around. If for some reason cars need to go out of state, they will first try to rent the cars to that state at a very low rate, or they will send the cars on trucks

Which companies offer antique car insurance?

There are numerous companies that offer antique car insurance. A person may want to start with their current car insurance provider and get a quote. With antique cars you want to make sure you have an appraisal first before you get an accurate quote.

What are the best companies online for antique car insurance?

Check out this site: http://www.classiccarinsurances.com/. They have reviews on the popular classic car insurance companies. Hagerty is a pretty popular and well-trusted insurer or classic cars.

What car insurance companies have their headquarters in Chicago?

There are many car insurance companies that have headquarters in Chicago. Some examples of these car insurance companies include Lincoln Insurance Agency and American Family Insurance.

Is there a company that offers car insurance for breakdowns?

"There are many companies that offer car insurance for breakdowns. This type of insurance is called MBI or Mechanical Breakdown insurance. This insurance often covers rental cars, towing, and replacement of tires."

What are some of the highest rated California car insurance companies?

The highest rated car insurance companies in California are the major companies. This includes Allstate and State Farm car insurance companies.

Where can one find a company that offers classic car insurance?

Most companies that offer car insurance will offer cover classic cars. However GEICO is known to be one of the better companies in terms of affordable rates in the classic car department.

How do you find classic car insurance online?

Most car insurance companies will offer Classic Car Insurance. For a company that specifically offers this type of insurance one could try Heacock Classic Insurance which offers coverage for both antique and classic cars.

Which companies provide car insurance in Texas?

There are a number of different companies that provide car insurance in Texas. Some of the companies that offer car insurance around Texas include State Farm Insurance and The General Insurance.

You dont have your own car insurance can you still rent a car?

YES, Rental companies do not ask for proof of insurance. But I would consider taking he rental cars protection package out.

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