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I am a licensed Redken Certified Haircolorist. You should NEVER overlap permanent hair color. Permanent color has higher levels of ammonia which will dry and damage the hair. New hair (virgin hair) that has never been colored can be colored with permanent hair dye in order to cover gray or lighten. If ends are faded, a demi-permanent hair color should be used to refresh, brighten and add shine.

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Q: Can you apply permanent hair color on top of permanent hair color?
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Can you apply permanent hair color on semi permanent hair color?

Yes, you can apply permanent hair color on top of semi-permanent hair color. Make sure that you do a deep conditioning treatment or hair masque before and after you color your hair.

Can you apply semi permanent hair color on top of semi permanent hair color?

Yes, it is OK and safe to apply semi permanent hair color on top of semi permanent hair color. The end result may be a little darker though.

Can you apply permanent hair color on top of bleach?

Yes maybe

Can you apply semi permanent hair color on top of permanent hair color?

yes it your applying a coloour to blonde it may fade but still remain

Can you apply permanent hair color on top of semi pemanent hair color?

You can but there is a chance that it can alter the results because of the semi permanent color. I would wait until it washes out before adding more.

Can you apply a black permanent hair color on top of hair color?

Yes but you really shouldn't be adding more and more color to your hair. Also be sure that black is the color you want for a long time. It will not come out easily or with out damage.

How do you color the top of your hair blonde and the bottom of your hair black?

this would not be that hard to accomplish. if your hair is blonde then apply black hair dye to the ends....

Can you put semi permanent hair color on top of highlights?

Yes, but believe me, it wont look too good.

Can you put a permanent red hair dye on top of a permanent brown hair dye?

Yes you can. Problem is if you don't take care of your hair properly (using color shampoo and proper treatment) your hair is bound to weaken, get dry and break easily.

How do you cover hair you dont want dyed?

Usually I use foils to isolate the hair and apply the color to the hair being wrapped in the foils. Or, If a client has solid blonde on top and dark on the bottom, for example, I section the top and bottom halves and clip them up out of the way. Then , I color each section seperately.

How do you turn XP 200 permanent hair color into a semi permanent hair color?

You cannot turn a permanent hair colour into a semi permanent hair colour. Permanent colours are made of small colour molecules that need a developer to create the chemical reaction required for the colour molecules to penetrate the hair shaft and tint to the desired shade. True Semi permanents are pretty much topical with mainly large colour molecules. (which is why you see the shade while the product is still in its original packaging) They require no developer as they sit ON TOP of the hair shaft with fewer smaller colour molecules that penetrate the cuticle.

What are homemade ways to to strip away old hair color?

Removing hair color depends on what kind of dye was used originally, and what color you would like your hair to be now. There are a lot of different chemicals in hair colors. It is a really good idea to consult with your hair stylist before applying any harsh chemicals or new color to your hair. If you are on a budget, your stylist should be able to recommend affordable solutions for keeping your hair in tip-top shape while achieving the color of your choosing. For example, if your hair was originally colored using a permanent or demi-permanent your hair was lightened before the color was applied. If you strip off the color now, you won't get your original hair color. However, if you used a semi-permanent or temporary hair color, the color should wash out in 15-25 shampoos. You can speed up the removal by using a harsh shampoo. One recommendation was to use liquid laundry detergent, which is very harsh and will not only strip the color but all the protective oils that keep your hair smooth and shiney. If you go this route, plan on using a deep conditioner immediately afterwards to protect your hair. If the hair color made your hair lighter in color, then getting back to your original color will be more difficult. The best recommendation is to color your hair using the color closests to your original hair color. This will give you an even color as it grows out, will cover roots, and maintain healthy hair. Before applying any color, or removing color from your hair: do a strand test. Test the treatment on a small patch of hair to test the results. Using a semi-permanent color will give you the flexibility of tweaking the color as each treatment washes off. Before you know it, you will be back to your original color. Whatever you do, don't bleach the hair color, the results can be unpredictable and land you in the "What was she thinking?" list.

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