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Can you ask for more child support if your ex makes more money now than he did when they divorced 13 years ago?


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Yes you can get more support because child support is estimated by income of the payee.. go get it lolh

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i got a large sum of money from my ex husband 401 k when we got divorced do i have to report it to child support

Wow that's a dumb question its called child support not spousal support

child support is used for parents who are divorced and have legal custody of the child, so the parent gets money from his/her spouse to help support and raise the child

Child support can be expunged if the one receiving it makes more money than the one paying it. It can also be expunged by filing an appeal.

No. Child support is dedicated to the support of a child.

No, it should be used to support the child.

If you owe child support, they can take almost any money you have. Including pensions.

Yes , you still have an obligation to support your children .The court will take into account your income and living expenses ,but, you will still have to pay child support.

No. You still have to pay your part and they pay theirs.

The child does not receive the money, the adult responsible for the child gets the money.

No. It depends on a lot of factors. In most situations, the mother gets custody of the child. If the mother is a felon of a drug addict, the child will probably go with the father. Money is rarely taken into consideration unless the mother cannot support the child with her income.

You could pay by money order. However, you need to be sure of who the check should be written to--check with the court which ordered the child support.And, yes, you should write "child support" on the memo line of the check or money order.

Yes, if it's a joint account in both your names. No, if the account is only in your name, unless it can be proven that he makes deposits into that account.

If you are supposed to pay child support, the fact that the child is earning money from two jobs, has nothing to do with child support. Child support is paid to the person looking after the child to help support your child!

Claiming a dependent is not dependent on the child support issue but rather on the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

You are supposed to use it to support your children...

Child support has first take with any moneys that you get. If you are behind in child support, they will take their percentage out of any money you get.

No. The money isn't for the mother. The money is for supporting the child. Back child support belongs to the estate of the deceased and will eventually benefit the child. And even if the child should die, the back child support does not go away.

Contact your State's child support agency. They have methods of collecting this money.

No, nobody can touch a child support payment. This money is designated for the child and no one else.

1. Child support helps to ensure a minimum standard of living for the child. 2. Payment of child support helps to avoid spending public funds (i.e., tax money) to support the child.

No, your ex's new spouse is not responsible for supporting your children ergo their income can not be considered when the courts calculate child support obligation for your ex.

Get a DNA test. Then if it proves the child isn't yours you won't have to pay child support. You might even be a able to get back the money you have already paid in child support.

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