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Yes! One reason we have WikiAnswers is to ask questions!

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2009-09-10 20:52:40
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Q: Can you ask you something on WikiAnswers?
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Why do I have to ask you something?

On WikiAnswers, you are not required or compelled to ask questions. That is you don't have to ask. If you choose, you can answer. Or, you can simply browse the answers.

When will your first kiss be?

This is something to ask your Ouija board or Magic 8ball, not WikiAnswers.

Can you ask a question on WikiAnswers?

Of course you can. In fact, you did. Now just ask something that you want to know the answer to, and we'll try to help you out. :)

Why doesn't WikiAnswers let you ask questions?

It does let you ask and post questions, unless you said or did something wrong and got blocked for posting question.

Will ask answer this question?

No, because this is WikiAnswers, not Ask.

What question should I ask on yahoo answer?

Ask any question you want. If there is something you want to know then ask it on a website such as Yahoo! Answers or here on WikiAnswers and people will try to answer the question for you.

Why does WikiAnswers ask a question but doesn't have the answer?

WikiAnswers doesn't ask the questions. Users and visitors ask the questions. They are hoping that someone can help them with an answer.

When is the best time to ask a question on Wikianswers?

Any time is the best time to ask a question on WikiAnswers.

When should you ask a WikiAnswers question?

You should ask a WikiAnswers question when you seek an answer that a community of people can provide.

What is WikiAnswers anyway?

WikiAnswers is a convenient site where people can ask questions and answer them.

How do you ask qustions?

If you are looking to know how to ask a question on WikiAnswers, then you have been successful in doing so. If its to a human being and you are not close to them then say Excuse me can i ask you something please? Depending on the answer you should follow

How do you think of good questions to ask on Wikianswers?

A good question is something that you don't understand. Others may also not understand either but too lazy to ask and learn.

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