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Q: Can you auction of golden tools on animal crosing lets go to the city?
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What happens once you get all the golden items on animal crossing?

Nothing really happens at all. When you get all of the golden tools, you get all of the golden tools. There is no special celebration for this happening.

What does the golden net do on Animal Crossing?

golden tools on animal crossing are meant to make it easier to do what it is meant to do . so the golden net will make it easier to catch bugs and not scare them away.

How do you become mayor on Animal Crossing?

Once you have got all of the golden tools. Hope this helps! ;D

How do you get the golden tools on animal crossing wild world?

I know how to get the golden shovel. Bury your shovel and leave it for a whole night, the next morning - buy another shovel and dig your buried shovel up. It should be golden!

When does the silver fishing rod come to nooks in animal crossing wild world?

There aren't any silver tools in the game, only normal and golden.

How do you get golden tools on animal crossing wild world?

Golden Tools Golden Fishing Rod - Catch every type of fish one time. Golden Bug Net - Catch every type of bug one time. Golden Slingshot - Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down. Golden Shovel - Bury a regular shovel in the ground. Dig it up one full day later. It will be golden. Golden Watering Can - Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will then give you the golden can. Golden Axe - Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.

How do you get hacking tools for animal jam?

search up hacking tools for animal jam.

Can you beat Animal Crossing?

In a way, yes. To "beat" Animal Crossing, you need to pay off your mortgage, complete the museum, collect all bugs and fish, and complete the catalog. You could also collect all the golden tools.

What tools are used to spay the animal?

Surgical tools

List five animal farm tools?

Below are five lists of animal farm tools: Hammer, tractor, Pitchfork, Manure spreader and Fencing tools

What does a silver shovel in animal crossing do?

If you mean the golden shovel then not much but it just proves that you are good at digging if you have one and its like a collecters item you need to get all the other golden tools. eg. Fishing rod, axe, and stuff like that. Hope i helped.

Where can you purchase machine tools online?

You can purchase machine tools online at machinetoolsonline, also locatoronline and mmsonline there is also an auction site where you can buy slightly used machine tools at auctionmachinetoo.

What tools where used when building the Golden Gate Bridge?


How do you get golden tools?

Golden shovel- bury your shovel, buy a new one, then dig it up in 24hours.

What did the first nation people use for tools?

the kind of tools the first nations used are bone needles,yarn or strings made out of animal flesh. Other tools we use now except most of them are made of animal bones or animal flesh.

How do you get the golden tools in animal crossing ds?

For a spade - Buy two spades, bury one shovel in the ground and then dig them up 24 hours later.

What kind of product is OZtion?

OZtion is an online auction website based in Australia. The OZtion auction site has a simple interface, and provides essential buying and selling tools for members.

Where can one find Paladin tools?

Paladin tools can be found at various distributors. Some of the major online stores or auction sites would also carry some of these tools and are good places to look.

What are the different tools in animal production?

There are so many different tools in animal production. The most common ones include milking machines, feeding equipment, de-horning tools, branding tools and so much more.

What is the object of animal crossing wild world?

There's not really an object of the game just get fancy stuff use Wi-Fi to meet other people get money, golden tools and just stuff

What kind of tools did homo erectus use?

They used Animal Hides as tools, and even animal bones! Hope it helped!

What kind of tools did the Indian tribes use?

animal bones were used for tools

Where can affordable cooking tools be bought?

Affordable cooking tools can be bought locally from a home tools auction, second hand store or appliance store. Affordable cooking tools can also be bought online from Amazon, IKEA, Walmart and Food Network Store.

Who made the inuit tools?

The own inuits made their tools from the animal's body that they killed.

What has the author Alexander Farnham written?

Alexander Farnham has written: 'Search for early New Jersey toolmakers' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Tools 'Tool collectors [sic] handbook of prices paid at auction for early American tools' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Implements, utensils, Tools 'Early tools of New Jersey and the men who made them' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Tools 'Tool collectors handbook of prices paid at auction for early American tools' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Implements, utensils, Tools