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With normal usage a Mac would not normally have motherboard problems. Avoiding immersion in water and not using in extreme hot or cold temperatures will certainly help avoid motherboard problems.

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Q: Can you avoid motherboard problems with your Mac?
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Is there a motherboard that use either mac or pc?

If you MAC is old then it uses a different motherboard than a PC. These days MAC also uses intel processors so in theory you can use the same motherboard as PC but there may be problems in adding the peripherals like MAC's keyboard and mouse to the PC motherboard and vice-versa. It all depends upon what you have got.

Which motherboards are Mac OS compatbile?

Only a MAC motherboard will be compatibile with your Mac operating system.

Can you change your motherboard address?

the motherboards address is the MAC address changing that will screw up the whole motherboard. and i don't think you can change the MAC address.

What is a moderm?

The moderm is a motherboard on a Mac like a pentel or amd modermboard

What is moderm?

The moderm is a motherboard on a Mac like a pentel or amd modermboard

Why does your P5LP-LE motherboard have problems finding my Intel e6750 CPU?

You need to update the BIOS for your motherboard.

What motherboard is in the new Mac Pro Desktop?

The Mac Pro Desktop has a Mac Pro Desktop motherboard designed by Apple and incorporating many innovative features such as a removable tray mounting for the CPUs (Two Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors) and RAM to enable easy upgrades.

What motherboard does the Mac Pro use?

Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Will the Intel Socket 478 Motherboard work with a MAC?

You'd need to be more specific about the make and model of the motherboard when it comes to what will and won't work with your Mac - knowing the processor socket isn't enough information to say one way or the other.

How to avoid frying components or yourself on a motherboard?

well you coud try to use a penis

How do you take a motherboard out of a mac desktop?

Need to know if it is an iMac or Mac Pro? If you are talking about an iMac you will have to take it apart. How you accomplish this depends on the year it was made. YouTube has plenty of videos showing how to take an iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro apart.

What is inside a laptop?

If Mac: CD Reader, A-4 microchip, speakers, motherboard, hard drive Windows: Not Sure

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