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Q: Can you be allergic to one Persian cat and not another?
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Are cats racist towards Persian cats?

NO! Cats do not feel such emotions as racism, and if one cat doesn't like a Persian cat there is another reason.

What can you do if your cat is allergic to your other cat?

Talk to your vet, if there isn't any answers to the problem then you may have to part with one of the cats in order to protect the health of the first cat you purchased. I don't think a cat can be allergic to another cat.

Is it possible not to be allergic to all cats but a certain cat?

Yes it is! Surprisingly it is possible to be allergic to one cat, but not to another cat, especially if they're from different species. If your seriously allergic to cats, I'd advise you to stay away from all of them anyways.

Can you be allergic to only one cat?


Can you be allergic to one cat and not another?

yes you can because of their hair. someone can be just allergic to long haired cats or long and short. it is gennerally just their fur, so if they got a hairless cat they wouldn't be allergic to it because it's not the cat its the fur/dandruff.

If you are allergic to one cat will you be allergic to all cats?

no, it depends on the length of the cats fur and stuff. you are not allergic to the cat itself, it is the dust mites that they carry on the fur.

Can someone be allergic to a dog but not a cat?

Yes, because I have a friend who is allergic to a dog not a cat.

Can you develop cat allergies if you've lived with one?

Usually not. Some people are allergic to cats, but lives with one. But the more that person lives with one, sometimes they stop being allergic to THAT cat.

How old is the Longest living Persian cat with polycystic kidney disease?

One Persian cat lived to 14, 7 years of that with polycystic kidney diease

Is it possible for a cat to steal your breath?

No, that is a myth. It is possible for a cat to induce an allergic reaction in persons allergic to cats. It is likely for a cat to want to sleep on a person's chest, making it difficult to breathe. However, it is not possible for a cat to steal one's breath.

What type of cat is hello kitty?

A nonexistent, virtual one. -No Idea She is a Persian cat! Hope It Helped! -XxHelloKitty11xx

What are differences between ancient Egypt and ancient Persian weapons?

one's persian and another is egyptian!

If someone is allergic to cat are they allergic to parakeets?

Not quite; unless the person has multiple allergies ; which is possible. But when the people are allergic to cats most of the time is not the cat hair. What makes somebody to be allergic to cats is actually the saliva that the cat use to clean themselves and ends on his hair. Which at the end the cat is the one that carries it. Well saying this parakeets are birds and flap their winds a lot ; but they don't have the elements of the saliva's cat. Actually birds have a very clean beaks and tongue that some can die from human mouth contact (kiss). Perhaps the person can be allergic to the feathers. But like I said is very likely to be allergic to both...

Should you have a cat?

I already have a cat, but unless some one is allergic in your family you can get one,but if someone is then get a dog or get a low shedding cat. Yes, if you are able to have a cat you should, because there are too many out there without a good and loving home. Even if you are allergic you can get a Siberian, low-shedding, or you can just get one and be careful. To me allergies would be a small price to pay to enjoy my cats.

Do Persian cats have long fur?

Yes, the Persian is one of the cat breeds that have the longest fur. It is also really dense, so a Persian with a full coat needs to be groomed daily.

What are 3 adaptations of a Siamese cat?

The Siamese cat breed is one of the most recognized. They are different for a few reasons they have less dander, so some people who are allergic to cats are not allergic to them. They have crossed eyes, and a crooked tail.

What does a Persian cat sleep on?

i have had three persians in my life and none of them have ever liked cat beds they have have always slept on one of the couches or beds

Why would someone be allergic to only one cat?

different chemicals in different cat's saliva that are transferred when they groom themselves can affect specific sinuses

How old does a cat have to be to get another cat pregnant?

A female cat can get pregnant at about one year old. A male cat can impregnate a female at about eight months old. It varies a bit, of course, from one cat to another.

Do vegetarians eat chocolate?

Only one type can another is allergic to dairy .

What does a Persian cat look like?

Here is a picture of one... They are not always white, they can be amny different colors.

Can you become a vet if you are allergic to cats?

Well, that depends. If you are allergic to cat hair, watch out for long haired cats, because they shed. If you are allergic to the cat itself, i think you should have an assistant to help you with it, and a mask is a thoughtful suggestion. But, you have to read one more thing i think you should do: Take allergy medicine before treating ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY cat.

What is the best cat to get for a person with asthma?

If a person has asthma which can be triggered by cats it is best not to get one for them at all. Siberian cats and some others produce lower levels of Fel d1, the protein in the cats' saliva that allergic people are really allergic to. Some people will still have an allergic reaction, depending on how bad their allergies are and the level of Fel d1 in the particular individual cat. If you really want to get a cat for a person with allergies, find a Siberian cat breeder and get a Siberian. You can use small fur samples from the cats from the breeder to see which one doesn't cause an allergic reaction, then get the cat to which the fur belongs to. Good luck. :)

Can i be allergic to one brand of whiskey but not another?

Possibly, they use didfferent chemicals/mixtures

Do cats get allergies?

Yes, cat and dogs, as well as other animals do have allergies. For example, one of my dogs is allergic to smoke.