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No, but you can get an allergic reaction from breathing in/smelling something you are allergic to.

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2011-06-14 21:32:13
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Q: Can you be allergic to smells?
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Can you get hives if you are highkly sensitive to smells?

It is possible for a person to get hives if they are highly sensitive to smells. This can happen to those who are allergic to certain perfumes and other floral scents.

Stray cat and 3 kittens under your porch you are extremely allergic so you need to get them to leave since your porch smells very badly of cats?

Call your local Humane Society.

If you are allergic to cockroaches than are you allergic to lobsters?

You can be allergic to both but being allergic to one does not mean you will be allergic to the other.

I heard if you are allergic to kiwis there is something else you are allergic to but what is it?

if you are allergic to kiwi you can be allergic to bird pollen as well and you can be allergic to latex .

If you are allergic to mold are you allergic to penicillin?

A person can be allergic to mold in general but not be allergic to penicillin.

What is the extent of rainforest destruction?

because it smells. because it smells. because it smells.

How a substance smells?

its odor is how it smells

If allergic to fruit are you allergic to coconut?

No. You could be only allergic to the coconut. You can be allergic to only one fruit while not allergic to others.

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What is a sentence for allergic?

i am allergic to pollen. So I can not smell flowers.

If a person is allergic to mildew are they also allergic to penicillin?

If you're allergic to mold, you may be allergic to penicillin.

Can you be allergic to tomatoes?

yes, you can be allergic to tomatoes .you can you can be allergic to some of the wildest things you can be allergic to any thing.

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