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depending on the reason for the warrant, i.e.; misdemeanor/ felony, reciprocity agreements between states, and the cost of extradition, it is possible to be arrested.

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Can you be arrested on an arrest warrant in Florida if issued in Wisconsin?

yes if it is a nationwide warrant

Can you be arrested on an arrest warrant in Florida if issued in Georgia?

Yes, you certainly can. The DA is Georgia will then request extradition of you from Florida which WILL be granted.

Can you be arrested North Carolina for a warrant issued in New Jersey?

yes, you can be arrested in NC for a warrant that was issued by the New Jersey courts.

How long does child support warrant last for in Florida?

If there is a warrant issued, it stays open until resolved/you are arrested. Arrest warrants do not have time limit.

If you violate probation in florida what happens?

If you violate probation in Florida, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you are arrested, you will be fined and possibly jailed depending on the situation.

Can you be arrested for a warrant for child support in a state that the warrant was not issued in?


What if you get arrested for a warrant in a county that didn't issue the warrant?

Then you could be extradited to the county that issued the warrant.

What happens if you have a bench warrant for failure to comply?

You will be arrested and brought before the judge that issued the warrant.

Can you get bail money if you have a warrant but haven't been arrested yet?

You can get bail only if you have been arrested and arraigned or the judge who issued the arrest warrant set bail when the warrant was issued (however, arrest is still a prerequisite for making bail).

Should you have been arrested on a warrant when the warrant was issued in 2006 and you were arrested in 2010?

A warrant is a judicial order for an arrest. If the warrant was still valid, the law enforcement officer has no choice but to make an arrest.

Sentence for warrant?

As a verb: We warrant delivery of your goods within three business days. As a noun: He was arrested on a warrant issued by the court.

If a warrant is issued in California is it a national warrant?

Yes, all warrants may be served nationally. A person who is the subject of a warrant can be arrested on that warrant in any state.

If you have a bench warrant can you be arrested in another state?

Yes. Every warrant specifies where it can be served, so the answer depends on what the judge ordered when the warrant was issued.

When the police book you in after they arrest you without a warrant can they charge you with a crime before they get a warrant in the state of Texas?

A warrant is an order for an arrest issued by the court. But many arrests do not need a warrant. If you punch someone in the face, and police are called, you will be arrested without a warrant, and one will not be needed. If say, you failed to show up in court, then a warrant for your arrest will be issued, to alert all officers that you should be arrested on sight. So the warrant itself is not the thing 'allowing' you to be arrested.

Why was Martin Luther get arrested?

Martin Luther was not arrested, although a warrant was issued due to heresy against the Pope.

What is a bench warrant in the state of Wisconsin?

A bench warrant in ANY state is a warrant issued directly by the court, on its own authority, to take the named individual into custody.

Do warrants issued for misdemeanor probation in Georgia expire?

A warrant never expires unless the warrant is served & returned (you're arrested) or a judge revokes the warrant.

When caan a person arrest without a warrant of arrest?

You don't 'need' a warrant to be issued, for an arrest. They're issued if the person needs to be arrested but is not present. A warrant such as a bench warrant is a general notice for law enforcement that someone at large needs to be arrested. But if say a police officer directly witnesses a crime or someone has been flagged as a suspect, no warrant is needed for the arrest.

How many times can you be arrested on a fta?

If you are arrested on a FTA warrant, you will be taken to the court and will appear. If you are given another court date, and fail to appear again, another FTA warrant will be issued.

In Wisconsin what is the difference between an arrest warrant and a criminal warrant?

An arrest warrant can be issued for something such as an FTA (failure to appear in court), a criminal arrest warrant is issued for an individual who has been charged with a criminal offense, even so they are both basically the same.

What happens if out on o r but cant make it to court?

Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.

How long is an arrest warrant valid in florida?

Arrest warrants in Florida do not expire. Once the warrant is issued, it is valid until you are caught unless the court dismisses it.

Can you get arrested for a warrant in another state?

Yes. When a warrant is issued the court decides how far away the warrant can be served. A felony warrant might be valid in any state, a parking ticket warrant might only be valid in the city where it is issued. It's all about how badly the judge wants to see you.

What if the person who is served a bench warrant does not show?

This doesn't make sense: a person who has been served a bench warrant is arrested and brought to the court that issued the warrant. However if the warrant has a bond amount specified, the person posts it, then doesn't show, then another bench warrant will be issued for a higher or no bond.

When a warrant expires can you be arrested on it still?

Warrants don't expire: once one is issued it can be served or recalled. Until this happens the warrant stays active.