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No, property repairs and improvements are the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord can however raise the person's rent to offset expenses, assuming there is not a valid rental agreement disallowing the action.

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Q: Can you be forced to pay for a paved driveway as a renter?
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As a renter of commercial property do you pay tax on your lease amount?

Sure i do

Why does a booth renter cosmetologist have to pay to be exempt from work comp?

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Does a renter have to pay rent if a landlord isn't paying the mortgage?

The property is in CA.

Who is responsible for cleaning a rental after the renter moves out?

Generally the renter is to clean the property before leaving. Otherwise the cleaning and rental deposits would be used to pay for cleaning.

What happens if i co-sign on a rental and the renter does not pay?

You are liable for the unpaid debt.

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What is car rental and how does it works?

Car rental is a service of one party (the provider) providing an automobile for the use of a second party (the renter) in exchange for money. The renter goes to the provider and agrees to pay a sum for the right to use a vehicle that the provider makes available to the renter.

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Your sister was hit by an uninsured driver in your rental car will you have to pay for the repairs to the rental?

The short answer is Yes. You are responsible for the vehicle that you hire. The rental company will claim from the renter - the renter has standard legal rights against the perpetrator.

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If the cost of cleaning a rental exceeds the deposit amount is the renter liable to pay the excess?

Yes, if the expenses are justified.

Can a landlord demand renter pay in cash?

They can demand that funds be either cash, money order, or cashier's cheque.

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Who is at fault if you pull into a driveway and run over a bike?

It is usually the responsibility of the homeowner if a person pulls into a driveway and runs over a bicycle. The homeowner's insurance might also pay for this accident. It might be the driver's fault if the bicycle was not in the driveway at the time or the driver was drinking.

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Does a renter of a house have to pay property taxes on it?

The answer technically is "NO" because the owner of the house pays the taxes. However, if it is stated in the lease that the renter signs, and the owner charges the property taxes, the answer would be yes. But, technically the owner legally pays property taxes on their home. If a renter signs a lease with this worded as such, the owner is scamming you and your rent will be higher than it should be. Do not sign it!

Can the renter make the tenant pay for the home owners insurance?

No. If the tenant does not own the building they legally cannot be responsbile for the insurance on the building.

Who has to pay if a car pulls out and is hit by anothercar?

If a vehicle is pulling into roadway from driveway, the vehicle pulling out is at fault.

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If a skylight was damaged in a fire in a rental house is that the responsibility of the renter or owner?

Most Renters Insurance has a Liability component as well as personal property coverage. So if the fire was the renters fault the landlord could sue the renter then the liability insurance would pay.

Are their companies that will sign a lease for a renter that has bad credit pay the monthly rent for them and then let the renter pay them?

Better yet, you should try to rent privately or get a credit-worthy roommate and absolutely pay on time to build up your rating. Often, though, the rental management companies are selective about what they consider bad, so you may be able to rent a place that is less than 1/3 or your income.