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If the business is closed following a holiday, there is no point in really working while it's closed.

I would say that your boss could make you take one.

HOWEVER since the business itself is closed, it probably wouldn't count as a vacation day!

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โˆ™ 2010-08-15 08:57:15
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Q: Can you be forced to use a vacation day when the business is closed following a holiday even though I am on salary?
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No, they don't. Since the banks are closed for the holiday, checks that would have normally cleared on the holiday will clear on the following business day.

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How do you know if Harris School of Business is closed for a holiday on a certain day?

Schools will have a calendar of all events and days they are closed for the school year. If a day off is not marked on that calendar and there have been no special announcements at your school stating it will be closed, it is safe to assume that the school is open on a holiday.

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information on closed business

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