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Which of these is an element of limited payment life insurance

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Which of these is the best description of cash surrender value

Which of these forms lists the amount of Social security taxes that were paid during the year

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Q: Can you be listed as a beneficiary even if your Social Security number is not written on the policy?
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Who is entered on the social security death index?

Anyone who holds a Social Security Card at the time of their death will be listed on the Social Security Death Index.

What form listed the amount of social security taxes that were paid during the year?

check with social security adminstration office.

What if no beneficiary is listed?

If no beneficiary is listed on an insurance policy the proceeds will be paid to the decedent/owner's estate.

Where is social security tax withheld on check stub?

It should be listed as FICA. Listed next to Federal and State withholding, you'll also see FICA - that is your contribution to Social Security.

Can the 1st listed beneficiary deny receiving the death payment If so will the 2nd listed beneficiary receive the money?

If the first person who is listed as the beneficiary does not want the payment it will go to the second person listed. If there is no second person listed it will go to the spouse.

If you are the beneficiary listed on an insurance policy how can a person or persons not listed on the policy contest the claim if a change of benefit form was requested but never submitted?

Legally and contractually the named beneficiary is the beneficiary.

How many specialites for lawyers are listed in Wichita, KS?

I only found three listed, accident, disability and social security.

What do you need to be a representative of your elderly mother for social security?

You need be be listed as "power of attorney" for her.

Person listed as beneficiary?

A person listed as a beneficiary is the receiver of any proceeds from an insurance policy. They are normally named in the policy document or can be named in a will.

Can you file your taxes together if you are married but do not have the same last name?

Sure you can just be sure and enter your name correctly as it listed on your social security card and your social security number correctly from your social security card. And it does not make any difference who is listed first as the primary taxpayer on the 1040 federal income tax return.

If you are not listed as a beneficiary on your fathers life insurance policy are you entitled to anything?

You are entitled to no proceeds from the life policy if the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary is still alive.

Don't you think that Michael Jackson has so much money to manage to listed on the social security death index?

No, he's dead that's why he's listed on there.

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