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Can you be pregnant if you had morning sickness for 3 weeks straight then it stopped?


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Yes you could be pregnant still. Do a pregnancy test.


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Late or stopped periods, and regular morning sickness sometimes accomanied by a strong aversion to certain smells.

If you haven't stopped your period, and you aren't getting morning sickness, Then WHAT are these pregnancy symptoms you say you are experiencing?

It is most likely just the normal symptoms of early pregnancy. Women often have nausea and vomiting at other times of the day than morning when pregnant. You should always have prenatal doctor check ups and this is something to discuss openly with your obstetrician. See the related questions for help on how to prevent morning sickness and see if it doesn't help in the mean time.

it has happened to me just over past two weeks. It started with brown spotting that turned into red. Then i have lost my morning sickness.....and i got severe craps. I went to the doctor and he did my Hcg levels over past couple of days. The levels were dropping which means the embryo has stopped developing. It led to M/C. GO and SEE your DOCTOR!

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If you are pre-menopausal (menstruation/your period has not stopped), then it is possible to become pregnant.

You need to go back to your doctor & ask for the Quantitative beta HCG blood test. Your doctor most likely performed the Qualiative beta HCG which can not pick up pregnancy unless your between 3-5 weeks along. Also ask for a ultrasound & a hormonal blood test. If this blood test is negative then you can definitely rule out pregnancy.

Whether you are asking if it is possible or alright to become pregnant then the answer is YES, depending on when in your cycle you stopped you could quite possibly become pregnant. The mini pill doesn't have enough hormones for any residual effect, hence the need to take it at the same time every day.

Any bleeding in the first trimester MUST be evaluated by a doctor. The doc should examine you and possibly do a blood pregnancy test. So call your doc and get in to see him.Note: Brown indicates OLD bleeding. But it still needs checked in pregnancy.

The purpose of a birth control pill is not to get pregnant, so they are not "prone" to getting pregnant. To get pregnant the pill has to be stopped.

You know a woman is pregnant if her monthly period (or menstruation) is stopped for one month and after (but not permanently)

if the postpartum bleeding has stopped then you probably could get pregnant.

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