Can you be pregnant if you took the morning after pill a month ago and your period is late plus had unprotected sex during that time?


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Yes, if you had unprotected sex, you could be pregnant.

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There is no "safe" time during a month to have unprotected sex!!

Unless he wants to be a dad! A woman can get pregnant during her period.

When you have sex at any time during your cycle there is a chance that you could become pregnant.

Having your period after unprotected sex means you are not pregnant.

Yes because you already have eggs out

You can get pregnant at any moment during your cycle, even DURING your period.

---- ====== ====== well there could be bleeding during or just after having sex. but make sure to do the math in your head and make sure its not just your annual monthly period. === ===

The question is, did you have unprotected sex. If you did then yes you may be pregnant. You can still get your period even if your pregnant.

Yes, period or not, you can conceive a child. Even if someone hasn't started their period they can get pregnant because they never know when they're about to start. No one should use their period as an excuse to have unprotected sex.

Anytime you have unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant

It is possible to get pregnant at any time during your cycle as well as when menstrating.

You can get pregnant anytime even during your period. Never have unprotected sex! Please use a condom.

If you think you're pregnant but you don't miss your period, you're not pregnant. Regardless of having morning sickness, if you're pregnant you will MISS your period. However, my girlfriend the "know-it-all" says there are some women who have their monthly period during the entire pregnancy.

I think the question is "I had unprotected sex and missed a lot of birth control pills, how do I know if I will get my period or if I am pregnant?"The answer is: Ask the doctor or see what color the pregnancy test is.Dear friend, You will not have period if you become pregnant and you will not be pregnant if you have period

no you do not get a period if you are pregnant but that does not mean it is okay to have unprotected sex on your period sperm can live for 10 days

yes it is possible, if you have started your period& have had unprotected sex

yes you could still be pregnant, a break through bleed does not necessarily mean a period, which would mean you wouldn't be pregnant, i would see your doctor if you have left it too late for the morning after pill.

There is no reliable safety period during which unprotected sex will not make you pregnant. The only way to prevent pregnancy reliably is to use some form of contraception such as condoms, a diaphragm or the pill.

If you had your period after unprotected sex then you are not pregnant. As regards to the symptoms it may just be the usual sickness that some women get during their period such as cramps, bloating and lower abdominal pain.

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