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Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend came inside you the day before you got your period?


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considering you get your period because your uterine wall is shedding from not getting pregnant during ovulation (fertility period). i would say chances are that your egg is no longer "active" and you are not pregnant.


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no you can not If you mean he came inside of you after your period then yes you can.

Did you have your period? If you had your period, the chances are, you are not pregnant. If you have not had your period, then chances are high that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and go to your doctor if you still have questions!

periods are a sign that you are not pregnant, yet there is a very small chance you will be pregnant from your ex. it is probly going to be your boyfriends baby. congrats

You can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD That's the facts of life ... anytime you decide to have sexual relations, you can get pregnant.

It is possible to be pregnant and have a one time period. The question is were you ovulating when you had sex. If you had a period 9 days later, I doubt you are pregnant. However, it is possible.

Of course you can be anytime you have unprotected sex you may become pregnant.

There is a high chance you probably are pregnant. Best chance is to get a test done.

NO you have to have had your period to get pregnant

No you are not pregnant. Because he ejaculates and then you had your period so the eggs that you have to have babies are gone.Then your period comes again so the eggs are out now,and your ready to start your period you really shouldn't be having sex it's not very healthy and if it bothers you,you should go to the doctors and have a check-up to see if your pregnant.

If he was in you, you could be pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not doesn't matter, sperm could have been present.

You can get pregnant when you have your period after, before and even long after you've had sex ... sperm can lay dormant for a long time inside of a women all it needs is warmth ...

Yes ... you can get pregnant: # before your period # during your period # after your period # PERIOD

can i get pregnant 2 days before my period starts

It certainly sounds possible. Your question is stated, "could you be pregnant?" Anytime you have unprotected sex, your at the risk of becoming pregnant. There are no safe days. Some women have even become pregnant while on their period. If you do not wish to become pregnant, use protection (no matter what your boyfriend says).

if he came inside you,yeah. there is a chance.

If you have a period than you are not pregnant

If you are pregnant you are unlikely to get your period.

No if you have not had a period before but yes if you have had a period before. As soon as a woman has had her first period she can get pregnant.

Actually no. They have to have their period before they get pregnant.

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