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Yes. First, you will need to go to any college that will accept you and prove yourself there. It is like a second chance so don't mess it up! Get straight A's and take hard classes with an emphasis on science (Biology, physiology, anatomy) and math (chemistry is most important). Once you get your AA degree, consider getting into a good university to complete your BS degree. Then a medical school may consider you. Absolutely possible. The best way to do it is to get your GED, then go to a community college for 2 years and transfer to a 4year university with medical school. Of course being a doctor is very hard, and you must study a great amount for it. But having a GED is virtually the same as a high school diploma once you get into college. For help on GED test materials, GED pracitce test, GED testing location, fees, and information you need is just a phone call away. Call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you: * Whether you can take the GED Tests * Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests * Where to find a GED instructional program * How much it costs to take the tests * When the tests are given * Other useful information

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Q: Can you become a doctor if you have a GED?
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My official answer is kind of. You CAN become a firefighter with just a GED, but you must use that GED to enroll in college to take the firefighter course.

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Yes, you can you can be anything you want to be with a ged

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Yes, You can become a fire fighter with just a ged. 2k

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Yes, you can go to college to be a vet tech if you have your GED.

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if you go to a university for 4 years with that ged . then attend medical than yeah

Can you become an RN with an GED?

Yes you can. Getting your GED does not stop you from doing anything you please good luck in your pursuit

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Yes and a GED shouldn't be to hard to get if you have what it takes to be a cna.

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Yes. Some police forces only require a high school diploma or a GED.

I don't have diploma or GED can I become a nurse?

no you need to have a high school diploma or GED to go to nurse training classes

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Yes. Get GED & then become an EMT. After 2000 hrs as an emt you can qualify for paramedic.

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Yes because you will be required to at least have a GED or a highschool deploma to take the training course.

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who knows try answering this question

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yes no you dont in the state of ohio you only have to be 16 to have them i mean sooner or later you will have to have a diploma or ged

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Yes, you sure can. My ex husband did!

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no no ged or high school diploma required you can just pay take classes and be certified and now your a bartender

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Yes, you can become a successful college graduate if you earned a GED, a GED is the same as receiving your high school diploma. all you need to is apply to different colleges, take their entrance exams, and study your hardest, nothing is impossible if you want it enough.

can you help me to become a cna without my ged i'm working on it but i want to become a cna before i get my ged?

CNA programs require a GED or high school diploma. Given the nature of the training, there must be some evidence of basic skills that are required for a foundation for more advanced skills in the CNA program.