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Can you become pregnant while taking birth control and still have a period?


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If you are definitely taking your pills at the same time everyday and are still having a period you should be okay. No method is 100% so I would recommend if you are concerned to use 2 methods such as a condom and Birth Control pills. If you believe that you could be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. There actually are pregnant women that do have a type of spotting which seems like a period but that is mostly if the person doesn't have a regular period from the start.

Typically the only ways that that you can get pregnant if you are on birth control:
-If you aren't taking the BC at the same time/regularly every day.
-If you switch from different forms of birth control (ie: depo prevera(sp?) and birth control pills)
-If you are on antibiotics and birth control. Some antibiotics/medications interfere with birth control pills so make sure that you talk to your doctor when going on new meds.

On shows such as "I didn't know I was pregnant," it does show different circumstances that women have become pregnant and not even know it... (such as still having a period and no weight gain). This is REALLY RARE though.
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If you had sex it is possible you are pregnant. The chance of getting pregnant on your period, while taking BCP is quite small.

By taking a birth control pill or being pregnant

If you get back to a normal period you can get pregnant.

No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

You should not be pregnant when you start taking the pills as you start taking them within a week of the start of your period and if you have a period you are 99.5% sure you are not pregnant. However if you are pregnant the pills will have no effect.

I have heard that while taking antibiotics on birth control, if can weaken the effectiveness of your birth control, causing you to become pregnant. If you have worries, you should take a pregnancy test, or consult your doctor. Hope this helps.

The only way to start becoming pregnant is if you stop taking birth control.Birth control may regulate your period, but it will also prevent you from becoming pregnant. If you are trying to become pregnant, you should go to your physician for guidance on how to do so.

Yes,if you miss a day without taking the pill. My girlfriend got pregnant while taking the pill

taking birth control if you may be or are pregnant can and will harm the baby. A friend of mine was pregnant and took a pack of birth control pills to terminate the pregnancy, and it worked. so the answer is yes.

It is rare that taking birth control will help you get pregnant. It is occasionally used in fertility clinics along with other medications in a coordinated treatment regimen. For most women, taking a birth control pill to get pregnant is a waste of time and money.

The bleeding is the withdrawal bleed and is normal. This occurs when you stop taking birth control for over a few days. You can become pregnant.

Most women will have their period within a week or two of stopping birth control pills, and may be fertile from the first day they stop taking it. If you have stopped taking birth control and have not had your regular period as expected, you need a pregnancy test to be sure whether you are pregnant or not.

No you discontinue taking birth control pills when you become pregnant. Birth control is a method used to prevent pregnancy. You are already pregnant so birth control has no use. Also, it may possibly cause bad side effects to continue taking birth control pills while you are pregnant.

You start to ovulate and get your period back and you can get pregnant again.

There is always a chance of getting pregnant when having sex even on the pill.

YES - no birth control devices are 100% effecitive. It is still possible to get pregnant.

The active birth control pills are the ones that prevent pregnancy. If you don't take those pills, you could get pregnant.

If you're pregnant there is always still a possibility that you can have your period.Regardless,You should not be on birth control while pregnant unless instructed to do so by your doctor. Taking Birth control pills while pregnant can lead to birth defects or death.If you think you're pregnant, consult your Doctor about pregnancy and your birth control.

As long as you are taking your birth control pills it is very unlikely that you would get pregnant, wether you skip your period or not. Als always if you are unsure, speak to your doctor or nurse.

A heavy period is not a sign of pregnancy;a missed period is.If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Its not normal but it is common, are you taking birth control? could you have ovarian cysts? or could you be pregnant?

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