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depends on how much you are bleeding. if you are wondering and unsure, and can't take a simple pregnancy test, a sure way to tell is if your boobs are tender. when your boobs are tender and you are spotting, but not really bleeding, then you are probably pregnant. If you are bleeding every day (especially if you are not pregnant), you might want to contact your doctor.

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Q: Can you bleed every day for 3 months and still be pregnant?
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Can you have heavy bleeding and still be pregnant?

yes,in fact u can bleed heavy for a month and still be pregnant brothers baby mama had a period and shes still pregnant and her mother bleed for like 3 months and still was pregnant,it can be possible.but there also can be something happening to the baby,so if i was you i would go see a doctor right away.

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

Can you bleed heavy for 3 days and still be pregnant?

The answer is that its not likely but its possible. Some people can bleed for a few months and still be pregnant. I would go see a doctor, because if you are pregnant and are bleeding, this could be a drop in hormones and could lead to a miscarriage. to make you feel better, most likely you are not pregnant.

Can you bleed like your having your period but still be pregnant?

yes, I have not personally had the experience but I have heard that it is possible to bleed like your having your period for a few months or so and still be pregnant. The best thing for you and a possible baby is to get checked out by a doctor and you will know for sure. If you are pregnant please know that God loves that little baby and every baby that he creates and that you should never consider abortion.God bless you!Jackie

Could you still be pregnant if you still bleed when your period is due?

this means you are no longer pregnant. you were either not pregnant, or you have lost the baby.

What if i am one month pregnant andmdrank four cytotec tablets and still not bleed am i still pregnant?


Can you still get pregnant if you haven't had a period in 7 to 8 months?

Can you still get pregnant if you havent had a period in 8 months

If you're pregnant what happens if you get your period?

yes, you can bleed wen you r pregnant my friend didnt find out she was spregnant until 7 months gone!! she had a regular period but she was still pregnant so there is your answer! there is nothing to worry about babe!!!!!

Can a girl still bleed or have her period if shes pregnant?

Yes it is possible for a woman to still bleed fromher period even if pregnant. This may happen one to two times after fertilization.

Can you still be pregnant if you bleed 1 week after ovulation?

It is unlikely

How do you know if you are still pregnant are not?

hi my name is luticia Jones and i wonder if you don"t bleed how do you know if im still pregnant.

How do you know shes not in heat do dogs still bleed when they are pregnant?

Actually dogs bleed right before they are "in heat" and then can get bred for about 9 days after that. And no. they should not bleed if they are pregnant. If this is occurring go see your vet!

Can you bleed and still be pregnant?

light bleeding yes. heavy bleeding no.

How far pregnant can you be and still get a negative on the test if you have periods every 3 to 4 months while not using protection?

I was 2 months pregnant when I started getting faint positives. So about 8 weeks into your pregnancy.

Can you still get pregnant when you have been sterilized and still get periods?

Rearly it happens mostly no you cant. You will still bleed though.

Can you have a regular period for two consecutive months and still be pregnant?

if you do then you are not pregnant

Would a woman be pregnant if she had her period for a day?

if you bleed when you are pregnant it doesn't necessarily mean its your period or you have had a miss carriage. a lot of women bleed during pregnancy so you will still be pregnant if it doesn't hurt x

Could you be pregnant and still bleed around the time of your usual period?

yes, you can even have a whole one when your pregnant.

Can you be pregnant and still bleed more then 30 days?

You should consult your doctor or go to the ER if you are pregnant and bleeding.

You are having period cramps can you still be pregnant?

I took 8 cytotec in 2 days but bleed little now am spotting with cramps am I still pregnant

Can you bleed for 5 days and still be pregnant?

I think that you should ask a doctor...

Can you still bleed the and be pregnant?

Yes, you can even have mild periods throughout your pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant but bleed at the time of the month?

yes you can be pregnant and still have your period on the day you are suppose to have it i know this is true because my older cousin had a period for seven months on her day she was suppose to start her cycle and she had a healthy 10 pound baby boy

Can you bleed normally and still be pregnant?

In fact, a majority of women may miss one period or so, but can still have regular menstruation cycles while pregnant.

Can a dog be in heat and still not be pregnant?

Every entire (not spayed) female dog comes into heat every six months for about two weeks. This does not mean that she gets pregnant, but it means that she is ready to mate. Therefore, if the dog does not mate with any males during her heat then she will not get pregnant.