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A caller ID with call screening function will do. You can customize this function to cope with your answering rule. You can create a list of contacts preset in your system so that all numbers not included in the list will be automatically directed to your voicemail.

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Yes.Go to and register your telephone number. After a period of time, you will have most call stopped. If they do continue to call, you may be able to sue them. This doesn't apply to charities, surveys, or businesses with which you have an estbalished relationship, or bill collectors. When they call, ask them to remove you from their calling list and to cease calls to your number. They are required by law to do so.

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The phone providers can block 1-800 calls on your telephone. However, if you are using a VOIP service, you can set the 1-800 numbers in the call block settings and stop receiving those calls.

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That depends on your phone company. Contact your customer service, or check the company's website.

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Q: Can you block 1-800 calls
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