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Only if it's written in your contract. Suggest you call the landlord and talk to him about moving out. See if he'll let you go.

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Q: Can you break your lease if there was a murder in your building and you feel unsafe?
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Can you break your lease if your neighborhood is unsafe?

if memory serves me right you can but only if you can prove that there is a direct threat to your or your family but i advise to see a solicitor

My roomate asaulted me. Can I break the lease if my roommate is violent?

Yes/no. Did you call the police when it happened? Do you have a police report? You will need these things to prove that is why you are moving. The fact that you feel unsafe is a good reason to break the lease, but if taken to court you will need to prove it.

Can HUD break a lease?

They can TERMINATE a lease, if the lessee is in violation of the lease.

Can you break a lease after signing it?

Only as specified in the lease. A lease is meant to protect both you and the landlord, and is meant to be difficult to break.

Can you break your apartment lease after 25 percent of building is destroyed in a fire?

Once you line up some legal resources, investigate the terms your lease to see if there's any clause that provides you with an opportunity to break lease early.Then check out the guide from This guide has helped a bunch of my friends break their apartment lease by discovering the major loopholes in leasing contracts. Good Luck

Can a landlord break lease do to short sale?

Landlords give all sorts of crazy reasons for wanting to break leases. This is one of the strangest I have ever heard. A lease is a legal contract. It may contain a clause describing how the landlord can break it. The landlord may have sold the building for a whole lot of money. If he can get you out without having to pay you to break the lease then he gets to keep more money. His short sale does not involve you. He has a different motive. His short sale does not give him the right to break a lease. Your problem is your lease with him.

What information needs to be in a lease agreement?

You need to include payment agreements, what happens if he refuses to pay, how much time he has to get out, things he is responsible for in the building, things you are responsible for (damages or things that break), the condition the building needs to be in when he leaves, how long the lease is for.

What are my rights should the landord wish to break lease?

As a tenant, if the landlord wishes to break their own lease, you have the right to seek damages just as they would if you had broken your lease. The usual outcome for a landlord to break a lease is that the landlord forfeits any right to retain the security deposit.

You want to break your lease but your roommate won't sign off on it?

My roommate will not agree for me to break the lease. She has insulted me doesn't pay bills on time and is emotionally draining on me. I want to break the lease but she will not let me break it what can i do?

Can you break your lease if your landlord is not cooperating?

if the landlord is not abiding by the lease you can take it to the county municipal office and legally break the lease as of the fee's i do not know

Break lease when buying house in Virginia?

Can you break a lease when renting within 24 hours in virginia

Can you break a lease if your apartment has mold?

Probably, but first, you should call the local Board of Health or Building Inspector to document the situation.

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