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yes you can take it on the plane. in terms of power and battery life check your airlines website to see if power ports are available.

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of course just bring the laptop too or they will think its a bomb or something stupid.

yes, but you need a laptop or a portable DVD player to view them. also, headphones.

Yes, put it through the x-ray machine like you would a laptop.

Yes, you can bring candy on a plane

Yes, you can now bring your tweezers on the plane

You can bring 3 or less bags on a plane. You can also bring 2 or less carry-on's on a plane.

Some planes have wifi, so you could bring your laptop or ipod with you. You can always bring books or paper, too. Most planes have a rdio in the seats, you if you bring ear/head phones, you can listen to music. And you can sleep!

Yes, you can bring food on a plane and you don't have to buy it when you get through security you can just bring it with you!

i believe no gaming products can be played on plane.........and if you bring on the plane you have to put it on airplane mode

yes you can bring an ipod on and in a plane as long as it is off for the takeoff and landing.

You can bring a phone on a plane so long as you have airplane mode turned on.

Well, in the literal terms, you can physically bring fruit on a plane. But the real question is 'Can you bring fruit on a plane, and is it legal?' Well, that depends. If you buy fruit AFTER you have been checked, then yes you can legally bring fruit on a plane. Also, you can bring unpeeled fruit from "home" on the plane, but the already peeled or eaten food has to be wrapped.

Well, do you have chargers? And are you on a plane?

You can bring a laptop and othere elctronic items onto a plane. You may also bring on liquids in a sealed ziplock bag if they are less than 3 oz. Weapons - or anything that may be used as a weapon may not be brought on. Mercury thermometers are also banned.

Yes I did and yes you can! You are allowed to bring tape on to a plane.

Snakes on a Plane - Bring It - was created in 2006-08.

Yes. I fly about 90 times a year with mine. There are times (takeoff and landing) when the flight attendants will tell you to turn it off, but it can be used in flight. You cannot use any device that has a transmitter in it, (phone) but you can use a laptop.

the job of the laptop is to let you bring the Internet with you any where you want to.

Yes. NEVER check medication in checked luggage... always bring it with you on the plane.

You are allow to bring hair products such as shampoo and conditioner and a flat iron on a plane.

actually you can the only thing you can bring on the plane is food solids the only thing you cant bring on the plane is liquids like yogurt, water,juices and anything that consider liquid.

Yes, you can bring an orange on an airplane.

you can play handheld games (like ds or dsi or psp) you can NOT go online cuz it could distract the piolet you could talk to friends ( if they are there) you could bring a laptop (if you have one) and play games on discs or downloaded games. Before Plane Rides me and my family always download some new movies on our Laptop.

Yes, and some planes have wireless.

yes you can take a long board on a plane.