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Can you burn Dreamcast games to DVD?


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2008-01-09 14:19:38
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you can burn the game to a dvd... But it wont work, the dreamcast can only play cds and their own discs


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The great thing about Dreamcast is that it will read a regular CD that you can burn off your computer. All you need to do is find a site with the emulators you need, burn them to disc (in Dreamcast format), and then game on! Just make sure you burn the emulator to one disc and the games to a separate one.

They can only play games that are designated for the dreamcast.

yes we can download sega dreamcast games from the internet

Amazon or e bay and you can get lots of dreamcast games too

You only play Dreamcast games like Sonic Adventure on your Sega Dreamcast instead of Sega Saturn.

no it cant the reason is wii is stronger and sega dreamcast is from sega and wii is for nintendo. gamecube games could be played on wii but never dreamcast.

No sorry. if you have a ps2 the only games that work on it are ps2 games! sorry!

yes my DVD drive can burn

Go to File -> Burn DVD...

The aftermarket for Dreamcast games is not significant, especially when compared to Sega's previous console, the Saturn. Most Dreamcast games were produced in sufficient quantity to not be considered rare, although a few Japanese titles can run you up to $1000.

Unless you are considering doing a bizzarro mod to your dreamcast, you cannot.

because it is a DVD burner, not a CD burner

You can get a DVD or DVD-RW and burn it from windows media player.

No, I don't think so. A CD-rw drive or a DVD-rw drive could not be used to burn DVD or CD. A DVD burner program is needed to burn DVD. I use a DVD burner to burn my movies and video to DVD successfully.

A normal DVD burner should can burn both DVD-r and DVD-rw.

Yes, a DVD drive which has burning function, a blank DVD disc and a DVD burner software is needed to burn movie or video to DVD. But I don't think you can burn movie or video to DVD ROM. DVD ROM stands for read only memory. So you may burn your DVD on a DVD-r, DVD+r, DVd-rw or DVD+rw.

You need a dvd drive and a dvd burner connecting ur computer simultaneously if you want to burn from a DVD to a DVD. In addition, you need a DVD copy software.

no it was in no way able to play dvds which is part of the reason its competition tookover it started out against ps1 n64 so dvds didn't really matter then the ps2 came out and was the cheapest dvd player around and it played games

Approximately 720 games were released for the Sega Dreamcast video game system while it was in production. This total includes games that were released as unlicensed versions.

Yes Sega still makes games but not necessarily for DreamCast. The leaders at Sega realized that they can't compete with the other major players in the console market. So they switched to making games and phased out the console for the Dreamcast. The games they create are made primarily for the other game consoles. The Japanese market may still be open to game production for Segas Dreamcast.

if you mean a DVD movie? Download DVD decryptor, rip the disc. download DVD Shrink, Burn the disc.

Burning a DVD on a laptop is just like burning a DVD on a desktop computer. One must have downloaded movies or videos on the laptop, a blank DVD and a DVD burner. One can burn the DVD to play on a DVD player or burn it to a DVD folder.

Yes, you can burn the Zumba DVD by first saving it in the drive of your computer. You can then use the suitable burning software to burn it on an empty DVD.

Yes, anyone can burn a DVD on a DVD-rw, but if you burn a DVD on a cd-rw, when you play it, you could only get the sound rather than picture.

If you go to and download the boot disk, in the files section, you can play imported games AND backups on a NON CHIPPED Dreamcast :D Enjoy:)

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