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Can you burn cherry wood in your indoor fireplace?

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I do - smells lovely!

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Can you burn cherry wood in your fireplace?


Is it safe to burn pinion wood in an indoor fireplace?


Is it safe to burn Mulberry wood in an indoor fireplace?


Would it be dangerous to burn the wood of a dead yew tree in an indoor fireplace?


Is Cherry wood safe to burn in a fireplace?

yes. i don't think so

Can you burn Birch wood in the fireplace?

Birch is excellent fireplace wood.

Can martin a42 fireplace burn wood?

Check with Martin for an owner's manual. Unless a fireplace is specifically rated as multi-fuel, a gas fireplace cannot safely burn wood.

Can you burn wood in your model hb42a fireplace?

I do.

Is it safe to burn oleander wood in a fireplace?

No, it is not safe to burn. It is toxic.

Is Bass wood a good wood to burn in your fireplace?

Yes, Bass guitars will burn just fine in your fireplace. Remember to remove strings, tuners, and pickups.

How do you keep my wood burning in a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are not intended to burn wood. A gas ASSISTED fireplace can burn either gas or wood. ONLY if that is the type you have should you try to burn wood. Be sure damper to the flue is open, and that wood is dry,

Can you burn old and broken outdoor patio furniture wood?

Yes you can. I would not advise to burn in an indoor fireplace due to chemicals used on the wood and also because of the screws and nails. Also if you decide to burn it never leave it unattended and always burn in a covered fire pit.

Is it safe to burn laurel wood in a fireplace?


Is it safe to burn wood that has been painted in a fireplace?


Can you burn mimosa trees in fireplace?

Its wood isn't it

Can you burn Brazilian wood in a fireplace?

No. It's illegal.

Is mesquite wood safe to burn in a fireplace?


Is birch wood good to burn in a fireplace?

quite good to burn indeed!

Can you burn crab-apple wood in a fireplace?


Can you burn apple wood in a fireplace?

Yes, you can burn apple wood in a fireplace. It generates very little smoke and hotter than normal firewood. It is a good heat output with a small visible flame and ideal for wood-fire. It is a safely and efficiently burned in fireplace.

Is cedar wood good to burn in fireplace?

NO! Definatley not! just stick to regular fire wood

Is it best to burn red gum wood or sugar gum wood in an open fireplace?


Can you burn orange wood in your fireplace?

it depends what type of fire place you have.

Can you burn tree of heaven wood in the fireplace?

The odor would be disagreeable.

What is the worst wood to burn in a fireplace?

Telephone poles and railroad ties.

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