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it can if you hit them to hard it can bust

Yes, it is possible to rupture a testicle.

Yes, you can rupture a male's testicles.

Typically this results from a squeezing attack.

You can apply enough pressure to the testicles to cause them to rupture and crush, with you're bare hand. I am not real sure why anyone would do this unless in a dire self defense situation.

Another, less well known, but far easier way to render you're male attacker gelded is to simply grip his testicles, and pull with a jerking motion. Either up down or out and you will separate them from his body.

Yes, the testicles can rupture, (pop) it can cause infertility (sterility) and extreme pain. In some cases, they can be surgically repaired, but not always.

When a guy has his testicles ruptured or popped, he passes out and dies under half an hour if not given an emergency medical treatment.

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It's possible, though not very likely. Testicles are resilient little things, thanks to their round shape -- when they get struck or crushed, they usually manage to squirm out of the way before any significant damage is done. That being said, it's definitely possible to pop one (or both) if someone hits them in just the right way, so out for that.

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Yes, but it rarely happens. If a testicle were to pop, the guy would pass out, and die shortly if not given emergency treatment.

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Q: Can you burst a testicle
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