Can you buy a healthy horse for cheap?

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go to horses for sale cheap there is one for only £750

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Q: Can you buy a healthy horse for cheap?
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Where to buy a cheap healthy Maltese?


Where is the best place to buy horse supplies?

Robinsons are brilliant and cheap.

When you buy a horse how do you know if it healthy or not?

you can get a vet to check it over(preffrebly before you buy it)

Which is the cheapest breed of horse?

There are lots of free horses available, but none of them are cheap. Unless the new owner has free pasture, water, and a free horse that is very healthy... Breed is not specifically what makes a horse expensive...but even a free horse is not cheap.

Where can one buy cheap pet insurance for your horse?

One can buy cheap pet insurance for one's horse by going to the Pet Insurance website. The company offers insurance to a number of animals, including horses.

What is the cheapest place to buy feed for your horse?

dont feed your horse cheap food, it is bad quality and may lead to problems.

Were can you buy a cheap horse?

You can buy a horse from the country for cheap and even for free! If you get one that just one, that's just won best in show obviously that's not going to be cheap. My opinion Stallion's are not cheap or free at all. And even not easy to ride at all. My mom would never let me get a horse but finally,she gave in i got a clysdale [ a big horse] for free. OH AND DON"T FORGET HORSES ARE A LOT OF WORK! HOPE THIS ANSWERS YOU QUESTION.

Where can you get a good horse?

At the Melbourne Cup. __________________________ It depends on what you mean by "good." I suggest you only read this if you are Australian, but if you want a healthy horse that doesn't need much stabling or a cheap horse that can be ridden, you can adopt a Brumby (wild horse - they've been tamed, of course.) on savethebrumbies. or if you want an expensive - or cheap - horse that is completely tame and you can be sure of it's past, then try horsedeals.

How do you gain money quickly on howrse?

If you buy a cheap good horse then put all your bm items on him or her and then fully train her/ him.

What is a perfectly healthy horse called?

A horse

Where buy cheap water?

you can buy cheap water at varartas

What does healthy as a horse mean?

Horses are notoriously robust animals, hence the expression "healthy as a horse".

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