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Yes you can buy a home after shortsale, remember your credit with be ok for the simple fact it will show you paid your debt of your home by doing a short sale.

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Q: Can you buy home after short sale?
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Can a family member buy a short sale property from another family member?

Can a family member buy a short sale property from a family member

What is a short fall sale?

A "short sale" refers to a home that is being sold for less than the balance owed to the mortgage company. For example, a home is listed for 450,000, but the owner owes 600,000 on the home. This would be a short sale.

Do you have to pay your mortgage when you short sale your home?

From what I understand the bank has to agree to the short sale and then takes that as the mortgage paid.

If the husband is the sole person on the mortgage and going into foreclosure can the wife buy the house from her husband to save the home?

Probably. However, if it's a short sale, the lender will have to approve the sale. If it's not a short sale, they really don't care, they just want the money they are owed.

Buyer's short sale savings?

Short sale is a great option for investors who want to make some money. If they make a smart purchase of a short sale home they can earn a huge profit. But, they need to be very careful when buying a short sale.

How long after a short sale can you buy another house?

In the United States, you will need to wait three years after a short sale in order to buy another house. This is per the Federal Housing Administration.

Can I file for Bankruptcy after a short sale of your home?

What does selling my home have to do with your filing bankruptcy? If it was your home you sold short, assuming an arm's-length sale to a 3d party with no fraud or deception, you should not have a problem with filing bankruptcy.

Can an LLC buy a HAFA short sale?

Yes. The LLC will need to provide its Certificate of Formation and Operating Agreement to the mortgage servicer reviewing the short sale.

Where can I buy yard signs for my garage sale?

There are many places where you can buy yard signs from for your garage sale. You can buy it in places such as Walmart, Home Depot and the Dollar Store.

Where can I buy cheap yard signs?

You can buy For Sale signs at hardware shops, such as Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire.

Where could a person buy a home in Dulth?

Wherever in Duluth there are homes for sale.

What is a stock short sale?

Sellers borrow the security and than sell it. Sale is completed by delivery of borrowed security. They presume that they will buy the stock at lower amount than the price at which they sold short.

Is a short sale public record?

is a short sale on public records

How do you get the hologram projector on millsberry?

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What is the difference between a foreclosure and short sale?

A foreclosure is the surrender of the property to the lien holder for nonpayment of the debt. A short sale is the sale of the property before the completion of the foreclosure in an attempt by the home buyer and the lender to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

What are the release dates for My First Sale - 2010 Buy First Sell Home Later 6-2?

My First Sale - 2010 Buy First Sell Home Later 6-2 was released on: USA: 2011

Where can you buy a for sale sign?

You can find for sale signs at home depot and i would imagine like menards and any hardware store

Where can I find a price on a short sale?

Many realtors will sell a house as a short sale. However a short sale has to be approved by the bank first.

Can you short sale your house to your spouse?

A short sale must be approved by the lender. It will not approve your proposal.A short sale must be approved by the lender. It will not approve your proposal.A short sale must be approved by the lender. It will not approve your proposal.A short sale must be approved by the lender. It will not approve your proposal.

Can you purchase a short sale with an fha loan?

Yes, you can purchase a Short Sale with an FHA loan. There are no restrictions on the type of financing in the purchase of a short sale.

How long will you credit be messed up if you are doing short sale?

A short sale is an option when a property owner is not able to afford the obligations of a loan. The amount of time a short sale is on a credit report can be answered by a lawyer who is assisting in the short sale. A short sale may hinder future loans.

Who do I contact to buy a home in Virginia?

Simply contact a local Relator. They will have a list of homes for sale.

Can you do a contingency contract on a short sale?

No you can not purchase a short sale property contingent on selling your home. A lender would never agree to such a clause. In most short sales the lender will ask for the buyer to close quickly (within 30-45 days).

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What does ssa stand for in real estate listings?

Short Sale Advisory ~ or Short Sale Addendum