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Yes, but you may be asked to sign a log book.

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Q: Can you buy syringes without prescription?
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Can you buy syringes even without the prescriptions in Philippines?

Yes, you can buy syringes without a prescription.

Can you buy syringes without prescription in Philippine pharmacies?

You would probably need prescription if you buy from reputable pharmacies but then again, there are tons of small pharmacies which will sell syringes even if you don't have the doctor's prescription.

Do you have to have a prescription to purchase syringes in Missouri?

No you don't need a prescription to buy syringes in Missouri.

Can a person buy needles over the counter without a prescription in or around Arlington tx?

Texas allows the sale of syringes without a prescription in several counties, but in Arlington a prescription is needed.

Can you buy syringes without a prescription in West Palm Beach?

Some syringes can be purchased from electronic supply houses for use in lubricating fans.These usually come without needles, however!

Can you purchase insulin syringes in Tampa?

I just tries to buy them at CVS and at Walgreens and both places refused to sell them to me without some evidence that I had a prescription that required the use of syringes. I don't know any more than that about it.

Where can you buy syringes in Tampa FL?

You can buy syringes in any pharmacy - so long as you have a legal use for them, such as you buy your insulin there or you are using them for a pet's medication and can show them the medication when asked. Most pharmacies will not sell syringes for drug use and many require a prescription for them.

Can I purchase syringes in Texas?

Yes, most drug store sell diabetic syringes with no prescription required.

Where can you get syringes without a prescription in corona ca?

Pharmacies sell them behind the counter. In California, you can legally purchase up to three a day without a prescription. You will have to have your purchased logged electronically to enforce the maximum of three.

Can you buy drugs without a prescription in puerto rico?

It is possible to buy prescription drugs without a prescription in Puerto Rico. How easy or hard it is depends wholly on who you are, and what location you are in.

Where can you buy good quality syringes?

High quality syringes can be bought in general pharmacies like Walmart or Walgreens, depending on the law and rules of the state you live in. They can also be bought at specialized medical stores with a prescription.

Can you buy Oxycontin without a prescription?

Not legally

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