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Not unless it was an unsolicited sale.

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Q: Can you cancel a finance company contract within 30 days?
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Can I cancel a contract that I signed if it is within 72 hours?

Can I cancel a contract that I signed if it is within 72 hours in NY State?

Can you cancel a lease within 24 hours?

You cannot cancel a lease in most cases if you already signed it. It is a legally binding contract unless the contract says you can cancel it.

Can you cancel a Sprint contract within 30 days for buyer's remorse?

Yes. As long as its within 30 days you can.

Can i cancel apartment lease before it begins?

This will all depend upon what the contract says. If you signed a contract, you may be held to the lease or have to pay the penalty within the contract.

Length of time to cancel a timeshare contract in Missouri?

The recision time to cancel a timeshare contract in Missouri is 7 business days. If you are unable to cancel within the seven days there are companies out there like Timeshare Advocacy Int. that can help cancel your contract as long as you are within the first year of the contract. The rescission period for timeshares vary from state to state. Typically it range from 3 days to 2 weeks. But to make sure the rescission period in Missouri, try to contact the BBB in your local area.

If I cancel your gym membership within 3 days do you get a refund on my money?

depends on the contract(terms and conditions of the gym)

Can you return your car to the dealership after you signed a contract?

Yes, the dealer can cancel the contract but it is within 10 days of the date on the purchase contract.

Refund your timeshare?

If you have purchased the timeshare within a year from now can help you cancel your contract. If it has been longer that a year can help you. If you cancel your contract within the specified rescission period, you can have a refund of the payments for your timeshare. But be aware also that rescission period varies from state to state. So, see to it that you know this before signing any contract. Rescission periods are one of the the legal ways to cancel your timeshare contract and get refunds from any of your payments. Typically it is within 3 days to two weeks depending on the state you are in. Yes, you can have it if it falls within the cooling off period. Other cases involve conflict on agreements.

Are you within your rights to cancel a freezer paid for in full to be delivered in may and get a full refund?

It depends on the terms of the contract to purchase the freezer that you signed when ordering it.

What To Look For In A Finance Company?

So you want to choose a finance company to handle your money, but you aren't really sure where to look. A good finance company is one that, above all else, you can trust. You should be able to trust your finance company so that you won't have to constantly worry about things. This is a very important idea and it's one you should cling to. Be sure that your finance company has a good reputation within the industry. Likewise, take the time out of your schedule to sit down with them and see whether the company is a good fit for you.

Can the insurance company charge you to cancel your insurance?

Yes! They can charge you a cancellation fee that is either a flat rate or is a percentage of your total annual premium calculated based on when you cancel. Lots of insurance companies do this although some only charge you to cancel within the first year

Does NH have buyers remorse law?

New Hampshire does have a buyer's remorse law. However, many people misinterpret these laws to think that they can cancel a contract simply because they change their mind. This is not the case. These laws do allow you to cancel a health club, or time share agreement within a certain number of days, it does not allow you to cancel a contract to buy a car or a home.

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