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no but if you evolve Pokemon in platinum or go to marrilands platinum pokedex you can find out how.

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no you have to trade in gts or with 2 ds that have Pokemon pearl,platinum and diamond

Yes emerald can and you can get a sunflora from Pokemon colosseum.

You must capture Mime Jr. and evolve it. Mr. Mime is not found naturally in Platinum.

You get a Pokemon entry in your pokedex.

Gengar is a powerful ghost type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Platinum it is possible to capture one by going to the Old Chateau.

You have to capture and see all 210 Pokemon. Then you go talk to the prof. dude and then he will give it to you. Hope this helped! =-)

Well this is one way you will need two Nintendo ds's and a platinm and diamond or pearl or platinum, just get a starter Pokemon in diamond in pearl or diamond and trade it into platinum, repeat this until you have all starters! If you have an action replay though, You can go to trainers who have the Pokemon, battle them, then capture their Pokemon!

You would need an action replay

In platinum, you capture garatina 1st, then dialga, then palkia.

To get the National Pokedex, you must see all of the Pokemon that are in your regular Pokedex. You do not have to capture all of the Pokemon, but merely seeing them is enough, and it doesn't matter what gender the Pokemon is either.

nope cause all the other reggies will awake reggigas from his sleep.

well its called ARCEUS the creoter of the universe and u need to cheat to get him

Search for wild Pokemon in different places and when they have low health, capture them with a poke ball.

first of all never use cheats if you cant get it don't. because in platinum all you have to do is... go to the sociline ruins (daycare town) and go to the bottom floor. then, see or capture 99 unnown. the 100th Pokemon you will see is celibi

There is no cheat for catching all the Pokemon on Pokemon platinum. it's all down to hard work and persistence.

You have to connect with a friend through wireless communications.

you need to capture munchlax in fuego ironworks in a honey tree

They will run away, and you have to find them in the wild and capture them.

You cant, u have to either capture it or kill it, its better if u capture it

no you can't capture lugia in platinum, the only way to get him is to either migrate or mystery gift sorry

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