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== == You need to find out how the insurance company defines dependent. Most companies will say that dependents are your biological/legally adopted children age 19 years and under who you financially support and those up to the age of 23 who are full time students at an accredited school and you financially support. Because she is not your biological child and I assume you never legally adopted her, I would think that no, you can not cover her on your plan. == == * If the grandchild is considered a dependent on your annual tax filing with the IRS, then it is likely that the child will be covered. If not considered an IRS eligible dependent, then it is unlikely. Regardless, you should check with your employer or insurance company to see how they define dependents, as this is a very common situation. * There is nothing stopping you from paying for an individual policy for your grandchild. Covering your grandchild under your group plan is not allowed.

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Q: Can you carry medical insurance on a 22-year-old grandchild who is going to college?
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