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Can you catch regirock on Pokemon pearl?

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No, you'll have to trade it from Platnium. Which in Platnium you find it in the Rock Peak Ruins.

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there is no regirock in Pokemon pearl,migrate please to get regirock

There is no way to send regice regirock and registeel from ranger to pearl. the only Pokemon that can be transferred from ranger to pearl is the manaphy egg.

You cannot catch a Regirock in Pokemon Diamond. To get one, you will have to trade with somebody or migrate it from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

no you can, you most catch it in Pokemon emerald

You can't because regigigas is a 4th gen pokemon. If you want a regigigas then you will have to migrate Regice, registeel and regirock to Diamond, Platinum or pearl

NO you cant catch syther in Pokemon pearl

You can't catch a charizard in pokemon pearl.

sorry but you can't find it in Pokemon diamond/pearl without migrating regirock from Pokemon ruby, sapphire, or emerald. But I think there is a cheat on the action replay for it, but I don't know the cheat.

In Diamond you can't catch Regirock, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

You will find Regirock at rock peak ruins route 228.

Well it seems like you are talking about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and if so you can trade a regirock from Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby to your Diamond/Pearl game.

neither of them is better, they are both the same, but in diamond, you catch dialga, and in pearl, you catch palkia, and you can catch different Pokemon in each game for example: you can catch this Pokemon in diamond, but not pearl but: you can catch this different Pokemon in pearl, but not diamond

you can certainly catch Dioxies in the game Pokemon pearl

I'm not sure if you can catch Regirock on Platinum, but you can insert a pokemon emerald into the ds and get it through pal park. (You need Regirock on emerald.) :~)

you can catch mespri, uxie, azelf, palkia, heatran, regigas(if you have regirock, regice and registeel), giratina and cresselia. you can only catch arceus, shaymin and darkrai from events. hope this helps

Regirock cannot be caught or found in Pokémon HeartGold.

You dont catch Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl. You can catch it in Pokemon Platinum at level 40.

It's impossible to catch Jiratchi in Pokemon Pearl version.

no you have to trade from ruby sapphire or emerald (sorry)

You have to have regiice, registeel and regirock to be able to fight him

you must catch regice,regirock, and registeel

You don't . It's a Pokemon you can only get from transferring it

In Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, there is no possible way to catch a Giritina. You can, however, either catch one in Pokemon Platinum or trade with someone who does have one. In Pokemon Pearl, you catch Palkia at Spear Pillar. In Pokemon Diamond, you catch Dialga at Spear Pillar.

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