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Can you catch victini without a liberty pass?


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Yes all you have to get is internet and go to mystery gift and click the middle then pick Victini up at the Pokemon Center.

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You cant unless you hack. or trade

The liberty pass in Pokemon black and white is a pass that lets you cruise on a ship to liberty island. ON that island you can catch victini, but you have to battle a couple team plasma's before you find victini. Victini is in the basement on liberty garden. To get the liberty pass you need you go to Nintendo wifi

You have to get the liberty pass from a pokemon event. You can also catch Victini at liberty island.

Victini is a Pokemon only available through Nintendo Events or trades. If you got the Liberty Pass (from a Nintendo Event), you can access Liberty Garden, where Victini is in the basement of the lighthouse

You can get Victini by using the Victini event via wireless and get the Liberty Pass. You go to the Liberty Port in Castelia City and ride the boat to Liberty Island where Team Plasma are at it again and trying to capture Victini for its power. Victini is very hard to catch but its easier to catch than lets Kyerum or Thundurus (White) or Tornadus (Black).

To catch Victini, you must first connect to the Internet to get the Liberty Pass. Then, go to Castelia City dock, board a certain ship, and go to Liberty Island, where you can catch Victini.

Actually its impossible to get victini without the liberty pass. The first option is to get the liberty pass. The second option is to trade on line with global trading. You could do that by going to the top of the Pokemon center third option is to get it at gamestop. I hope this is good resource for you!

If you mean where is the liberty pass it is in Mystery Gift on your title page. If you mean what it is it is the pass that allows you to board a boat in Driftveil City to catch Victini.

You have to receive the liberty pass from Wi-Fi. Then go to castelia city, get on the boat to liberty gardens to catch victini.

the liberty boat. after you get the liberty pass you can try to catch a lv15 victini. i caght one and now it is lv199

I got victini with mystery gift over wi-fi I don't know if it was a monthly thing or not

You can not. It is impossible without cheats. Cheat, my friend, cheat. It's the only way.

Victini is found in a WiFi event. It is found in Liberty Garden. You will need a liberty pass.

I'm not exactly sure what you meant by that, but Victini is an event-only Pokemon, by either means of Mystery Gift for Liberty Pass or the December 2011 V-Create Victini by WFC, so far. Both have passed already, and it is unsure whether there will be more Victini events. Victini - Liberty Pass - March-April 2011 V-Create Victini- December 2011

lets put it like this you can catch victini w/ the liberty pass you can only get the liberty pass until April 10th if lets say you get the libert pass April 9th and don't play again till the 11th you can still catch it or you could trade it via wifi in the GTS PS you CANNOT get victini through GTS Negotiation it is an event Pokemon and will NOT let you choose it

Victini was a available event for Pokemon Black and White shortly after its release. The first event introducing Victini was, indeed, in Liberty Garden. It appeared as a level 15 legendary and only a Liberty Pass would make the event accessible. Sadly, the event is over and players cannot obtain the Liberty Pass anymore without using a cheating device. (The Liberty Pass does not activate Liberty Garden when using an Action Replay.)

u can have the liberty pass to get victini

You have to get the liberty pass from a pokemon event to get victini and stop team plasma.

no. with a liberty pass, you get victini, level 15

You must get it via Wireless Connection. Go to any GameStop or EBGames in North Amercia/Other parts of the world to get your free Liberty Pass! From March 6 to April 10, 2011 you can get the Liberty Pass that gives access to the Liberty Garden in Pokemon Black or White. This is where you catch Victini.

Yes you can get Victini as long as you still have the Liberty Pass but once you have caught it, you cannot get a secondary one during your current save file.

If you got the liberty pass through the event, than go to castelia city and go to the dock furthest to the left. There will be a boat there that will take you to liberty garden. After you beat a few team plasma grunts, you can battle and catch victini!

liberty island by getting the liberty pass from the wifi event

it is the same as black you get the liberty pass and go to the city with the tall buildings and go to the gold boat at the end and that ship will take you there

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