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No The wiring isn't big enough to carry the load of an electric range Christmas is no time for a fire! Call an electrician!

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Q: Can you change electricity from 120V to 240V in your kitchen so that you could use a new electric oven instead of an old gas oven?
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An electric fan has an electric motor inside to change electricity into what type of energy?

Electrical to kinetic.

What metal doesn't change when electricity goes through it?

Electric current is a flow of electric charge through a medium

Is there a device that can change heat into electricity?

Yes. Electric power plants powered by coal, natural gas, and nuclear power use heat to produce electricity.

When electricity passes through water what colour does the water change into?

Electric current through water has no effect on the appearance of the water.

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How do I change to a gas power generator?

If you were wanting to change an electric power generator to a gas power generator, I would probably not do it on my own. Instead I suggest you call a professional to change it for you.

What has the author Bo Q Lin written?

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How did electric power change people's lives?

Electric power made life more convenient for many people. Instead of lighting a candle, people can just turn on a light.

Is using electricity an irreversible change?

U sing electricity is an irreversible change.

When does potential electric energy change to kinetic electric energy?

when there is difference in potential of any two points in that condition the potential electricity turns into kinetic we can also explain it as since electricity is a form of energy so potential energy changes into kinetic only when there is difference in potential of two points

What are the benefits of having a gas kitchen stove rather than and electric kitchen stove?

Among the advantages of using a gas stove over an electric stove are the idea that, in the event of a power outage, a gas stove is always readily available to cook. Gas stoves also tend to be more accurate, as the temperature change is instant.

When the burner on an electric stove glows red is this a physical or chemical change?

This is indeed a physical change. There is a colour change, but if the substance is cooled down it is still the same. All that providing electricity is really doing is adding Energy to the burner.

What kind of material you need to change sun light to electric?

black material to absorb the light energy and then more steps follow until electricity is produced.

What is the energy change in an electric train?

Electricity is changed to kinetic energy by causing the train to move. Electricity in the motor causes a force to be applied to the armature and transferred through a drive system to apply a motive force which results in motion.

Is electricity a physical change or a chemical change?

if something is making electricity than it is a chemical reaction.

How can piezoelectric materials generate electricity from human footsteps?

Just place a piezo electric crystal in your shoe then due to alternate change of your feet causes mechanical stress and strain .Inverse piezo electric effect states that when stress and strain is given along mechanical axes it creates electricity along electrical axes.Thus piezo electric crystal converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.

How can electricity affect chemical reactions?

Yes. Electricity can cause a chemical change. On the History channel they showed electricity doing something to a copper penny that made a chemical change .(don't exactly what the electricity did to it but it did cause a chemical change)

The electric change of protons in the nucleus is the-?

The electric change of protons in the nucleus is called electric force. It is form between the gravitation of two objects.

Does the world have enough hydroelectric power plants to meet current needs?

No, hydro electric power only supplies about 19% of the world's needs.If we are to reduce our carbon emissions and prevent climate change we have to use renewable energy like water, wind and solar instead of oil, coal and gas to produce electricity.

What are transformations that must occur to change your energy to electricity?

what is the tranformation of energy that must occur to change your energy to electricity

What is a chemical change that you can see in your kitchen?


How do scientists change geothermal energy into electricity?

Geothermal energy manifests by ejecting steam from the ground. This steam is piped to a power plant where it is injected to turbines that are coupled to electric generators.

Why didn't the electric car catch on and become successful?

Most likely reasons: 1) lack of drivability range usually only about 60 miles 2) no real savings, just a change of "point of purchase". Instead of going to the gas station, you plug into your home and still pay for the electricity needed to charge the vehicle.

Supposedly you can save electric and your pocket change by using power strips but if I have the power strip on off doesn't it still draw electricity since it's plugged in?

No, because when you turn it off it flips a switch open so there is no path for the electricity to flow through.