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If your console was banned, not account then no. The ban is on your serial number on the xbox, not hard drive.

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Q: Can you change the Xbox hardisk if you are banned?
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How do you download free xbox 360 games?

no use of doing this its better to mode the xbox 360 and download games in your hardisk it will take around 7GB

If your Xbox egts banned does your account?

No only your xbox 360 will get bannd. You can get another xbox and recover your GAMERTAG on it. your account will not get banned !

What are the top banned Xbox commercials?

Many of Xbox commercials are banned due to violation of rules . The top banned Xbox commercials are "Shooting" ,"Bang" , "Gee" and "Dual shock Nexus".

Do you get banned from xbox 360 if you download a game from thepiratebayorg?

In order to play a game that you have downloaded and burned to disc on an xbox 360 you have to mod your xbox. If you mod your xbox and log on to xbox live you will be banned.

My xbox got banned off xbox live because i played a copied game on it. Is there any way i can unblock it?

nope. once its banned its banned

If you get Console Banned on Xbox and then you go out and get a new Xbox will you eventually get Console Banned on there because it is the same IP?

Chances are that they will not unless you do the same thing you got banned for.

Can moding get you baned from Xbox live?

Yes. If you have modded your xbox, you will get your xbox banned permanently.

How do you get your old xbox 360 dashboard back after downloading the xbox live one?

I am afraid you are suck with the new dashboard.

Will you get banned for modding your xbox?


Why do you get banned from xbox live if you are a tenth prestige?

You get banned for modifying your xbox. Being 10th prestige is usually just a side-effect.

Can you get banned from Halo 2 on Xbox live for using Action Replay customs?

you can get banned from xbox live for hacking, cheating, w/e

How much can you sell your banned xbox 360 slim for?

Personally, I would buy a banned xbox 360 for at a high $50 and at a low $10.