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No, it takes electricity to charge a battery.

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Q: Can you charge a battery with heat?
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Is it possible to charge mobile phones from heat source?

Not by heating up the battery directly. In theory, the heat source could be used to make electricity and then use the electricity to charge the battery

How does an produce heat?

ovens produce heat my an electric charge of the battery that contains hot air and makes the oven hot and to heat your food

How does an oven produce heat?

ovens produce heat my an electric charge of the battery that contains hot air and makes the oven hot and to heat your food

What happens to 12 volt battery with 6 volt charge?

The battery will attempt to charge the charger since the battery is at a higher voltage than the charger. Thus, the battery will simply discharge and generate heat. If you leave it plugged in long enough, eventually the battery will discharge to a point where it can maintain only 6V, where it will stay until you actually charge the battery.

What is generated when electric batteries charge?

Some of the energy used to recharge them will heat up the battery (waste heat), if that's what you mean.

How do you charge dry charge battery?

Unless it is a rechargeable battery you cannot charge a dry charge battery. If it is rechargeable you need to purchase a charger for that size battery. Automobile batteries are not dry charge.

Can a battery have a magnetic charge?

No the battery don't have a magnetic charge.

How do you charge a vespa 250 battery?

how do you charge a vespa battery

Purpose of temperature sensor in Nicad type battery?

The temperature sensor provides feedback to the charger to allow the charger to determine when the battery is fully charged. The battery under charge develops internal heat as it approaches full charge. The temperature sensor measures the heat (temperature) and reports it back to the charger to end the charging cycle.

How does a psp battery explode?

A PSP battery explodes as a result of excessive heat buildup. This often happens when it has been left to charge for an extended period of time.

How car battery will charge through microwave?

You can not charge a battery in the microwave.

What does a battery charge?

A battery charges nothing it accepts a charge from the alternator.

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