What does a battery charge?

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A battery charges nothing it accepts a charge from the alternator.

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Q: What does a battery charge?
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How do you charge dry charge battery?

Unless it is a rechargeable battery you cannot charge a dry charge battery. If it is rechargeable you need to purchase a charger for that size battery. Automobile batteries are not dry charge.

Can you charge a battery with heat?

No, it takes electricity to charge a battery.

Can a battery have a magnetic charge?

No the battery don't have a magnetic charge.

How do you charge a vespa 250 battery?

how do you charge a vespa battery

How car battery will charge through microwave?

You can not charge a battery in the microwave.

Can you use a 12volt car battery charger to charge a 18volt cordless drill battery?

no you can not will it not charge the battery to 12volts?ie charge it but not fully

How many watts to charge 12 volts?

To charge a battery amperage is needed. This is done with a battery charger that supplies an amperage to the battery when the battery is connected to it. The rate of charge is dependant upon the discharge condition of the battery. The time to charge the battery is dependant upon the rating output of the battery charger.

What kind of charge is a battery charge?

DC Charge

Does plugging in a f-250 help charge the battery?

If you are plugging in a battery charger connected to the battery, yes it will charge the battery. If you are referring to plugging in the block heater, then NO it will not charge the battery it will only warm the oil in the engine block. If you are referring to plugging in a battery heater then NO it will not charge the battery and will only keep it warm.

Can you charge a battery and it still be no good?

If you charge the battery and it is not working then there is something wrong with the battery. Batteries are not usually repairable.

How do you charge a battery after it dies?

Connect a battery charger to the battery and let it fully charge. Do not charge it with the cars alternator. If it will not accept a charge the battery needs replacing. Connect positive (+) red cable to positive post and black negative (-) cable to negative post. Trickle charge the battery do not fast charge it as the charge won't take. Sure it will start the car a few times but a good charge to a battery is one that is done slowly

How serious is a BATTERY charge?


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